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5 Amazing Sites For Web Design Inspiration

In this article we are going to talk about some of the major web design inspiration sites we frequently use to keep our creative tanks filled up so we can carry on producing fresh, creative and interesting work that our clients love.

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5 Sites That Use Photography Amazingly

The imagery a site uses really does have the power to make or break things. There are countless examples online of companies, big and small, that made changes to their sites images and achieved a greater conversion rate and higher overall sales as a result. 

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Henry Zyda - Studio Placement

As a soon to be graduate, going on placements is a great way to gain valuable knowledge, and experience. You learn how a studio works and all the extra bits that go with that, that you would not otherwise see as an outsider.

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In Louis We Trust

Here at Shape we are always looking for new, bespoke projects to get our teeth stuck into. We are all young, energetic, creatives trying to find ways of develop our skills. Football fuelled obsession lead us to create a website based upon the 'controversial' managerial techniques of Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United.

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Why We Love InVision

With a new year comes a new way of sharing our designs with our clients, We have decided to start using a website called InVision.

Win £2,000 Worth of Web Design and Development

We are offering a unique opportunity to celebrate our growth in 2015. Have you ever thought about getting a website? but you don’t know where to start? or you don’t have the budget for it?

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Year Review, From University to Employment

From starting my 2015 not too well, getting under-par grades in my first few briefs at University, to getting a job at Shape, This year has had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster.

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Why We Love Dribbble

Dribbble is a very easy and convenient way of sharing our progress through different design jobs we are doing. Unlike any other Online Portfolio Wesbites, Dribbble is a site where Designers and Design studios post ‘Ongoing’ projects, from small snippets of design elements like button styles, hover-overs, User-Interfaces, or even small Gif’s.. it gives a Design Studio like ourselves a convenient, quick, and easy way to keep our followers up-to-date with what we are doing day-to-day at Shape.

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Life after University, on the other side of the fence working at Shape

Wednesday this week marked 3 months since I went full-time at Shape design studio after finishing with a 2 years at The University of Salford.

Earlier last week I attended my graduation held at the Lowry, outside the university building at Media city. Finishing with a 1st class honours made all of the hard work seem worth it.

Shape Web Design eCommerce Mcr Blog - Cycling App

Shape have a look at cycling sites and apps

With the recent boom in cycling, it seems there are no shortage of companies who have seen this and decided to jump on the wagon for a bit of business. As a cyclist myself, I tend to have a routine when it comes to my daily cycling activities, I have found that I use certain products for no other reason than it was available the first time I needed such a product. I use certain websites based on their design and how they work, maybe this is my inner designer taking over?

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