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Free stock photos to use in web design concepts

There are not many more important things, visually than quality photography in web design.

Will Sketch Fully Replace Photoshop/Illustrator for Web Designers

For the longest time the majority of web designers and developers were using either Photoshop and to a lesser extent Illustrator to create a sites design and the exporting the design assets for conversion into the web standard HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Designing for Mobile - My Favourite Thing

As a Designer I love getting my mitts on a fresh, new brief. It’s the very reason I chose this career path. I constantly push myself to be a better Designer in all things Creative, From the basics like Logo and Branding to our ‘Bread and Butter’ Website Design.. I am always trying up the standard of my output whilst trying to be quicker.

One Page Checkout VS Multi Page Checkout

Cart abandonment has been and continues to be a big issue. But how big of an issue exactly? Well, recently conducted a fascinating study where they analysed and distilled cart abandonment stats from 31 research sources (including highly reputable sources like IBM and Forrester).

What I’ve been up to this month

As a Web Designer working for an agency like Shape, the projects I get vary from day-to-day. Thats one of the reasons I decided to pursue a design career, Every day can be different which keeps things fresh.

Gifs By Shape

Here at Shape, We are always in search of fun ways to showcase our Studio. The key to our success has been to not take ourselves too seriously.

Why We Love VSCO Cam

VSCO which stands for Visual Supply Co began its life as a company that made presets and filters for Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture (the two industry standard photo and film editing software packages). They still provide the Adobe and Apple filters/presets but are more well known for their wildly popular smartphone app, VSCO Cam.

Why We Love Pinterest

If you ask ten people to define Pinterest, you’ll likely get four different responses. Digital scrapbooking tool, visual social network, image discovery tool, image bookmarking tool. We say it’s all of those things, and it’s one of the reasons we love it so damn much.

The Evolution Of, the digital face of the multi-billion-dollar brand loved the world over is today, in our opinion, an example of web design excellence. Typography, colour, space, photography – every element has been carefully chosen and meticulously crafted - there is not so much as a pixel out of place.

3 London Restaurant Sites We Love And Why

London is one of the world’s major culinary capitals and boasts an eye watering, or should we say mouth-watering, 16,774 restaurants (according to Trip Advisor). It’s worth bearing in mind that this figure also includes pub-restaurants and café-restaurants, but nonetheless that is a lot of places to eat. Understandably, some restaurants have spent more time and money on their web presence than others.

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