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A Personal branding agency in Manchester you can trust.

In the diverse personal branding industry, your brand needs to perfectly portray who you are. Knowledgeable, authentic, and an expert in your field. If there's one thing we know about, it's personal branding. We have worked with clients of all sizes, to help them develop and launch their unique, credible, personal brands.

Personal Branding

We are masters of visual communication. Let's elevate your personal brand, and show your audience why you're the one to trust.

Our Branding Capabilities
Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Brand Guidelines
Brand Tone of Voice
Brand Implementation
Brand Repositioning
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We’re the real sh*t

We showcase your products with style.

We're proud of the breadth of our portfolio; it's what allowed us to become personal brand design experts. We're the go-to for personal brands that dare to be different.

Proven success in personal branding
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A friendly personal branding agency UK clients trust, based in Manchester.

We handle every personal branding project in-house, from drawing board to implementation.

Branding trend industry insights
Cutting-edge creative design techniques
A team of experts to help your brand grow
Out-of-the-box solutions to fully bespoke projects
What we can help you with?!

For personal brands that want to stand out from the crowd.

Brand Strategy

We conduct an in-depth investigation to create your brand strategy, which sits at the core of everything we do.

Brand Design

Logo design, typography, colour, shape, movement, and placement. We harness visual elements to communicate your brand.

Brand Guidelines

Comprehensive guidelines so that your brand appears consistently no matter who the designer is.

Brand Tone of Voice

Make sure your brand’s voice is in alignment with its visual appearance. Give the right impression every time.

Brand Implementation

We put your branding on anything you like; business cards, print marketing collateral, t-shirts, billboards, the list goes on.

Brand Repositioning

What’s going well, and what needs to change? Brand repositioning to help you target new audiences and bring your business into today’s world.

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We work with personal branding first-timers through to global brands.

Frequently Asked Personal Branding Questions

We advise our clients to do their background research before committing to a personal branding agency. Portfolio work will show you the depth of experience an agency has in projects similar to yours and proves their ability to adapt to styles and challenges that your brand identifies with. It’s also essential to have a good chat about your goals. We find this helps us get a feeling of each other, and if we get along we know it’ll be a successful project.

We have proven experience in personal brand design. Thanks to clients like Riley Studio, Njorun, and Gary Neville, we’ve built a library of experience in how personal branding work and the essential components of a personal branding project. That doesn’t mean we have a universal approach, though. Like every client that comes through our door, we treat each personal branding project with the individuality it deserves.

Not all companies can afford an in-house design team—we get it. Lots of clients manage their budgets by hiring a personal branding agency. But the cost isn’t the only benefit of working this way. Using a personal branding agency like MadeByShape gives you access to a whole team of experts in web design, web development, SEO, and eCommerce, all of who work together to bring you a fully rounded brand design solution.

This is difficult to define, and it won’t come as a surprise that the answer is: it depends. At MadeByShape, we work with startups all the way up to international brands because the most important thing to us is a shared vision and passion. Once we know your budget, we can develop a strategy, or several options, intended to make the most of what you’re working with.

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