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Attracting customers and converting these into sales is not easy, and it is competitive no matter what market you are in. Shape has the ability to research this competition and create a shopping experience that will make you stand out, essentially increasing awareness of your brand and making you sales and profit.

Craft Commerce

With Craft Commerce it’s never been easier to create a beautifully bespoke eCommerce website within Craft CMS.

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We're proud to be recognised as a verified Craft CMS and Craft Commerce partner.

Craft states that a Craft Verified Partner has proven Craft CMS development experience, deep knowledge of Craft and exhibits professional and reliable business practices. You can put your trust in our team of Craft experts and have faith that you're working with an agency that knows Craft CMS and has been reviewed by Pixel & Tonic themselves.

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Explore and install plugins right in the control panel.

Hundreds of plugins to extend the functionality of Craft. All within a click’s reach. Extend Craft’s functionality with off-the-shelf plugins, or take advantage of our framework and APIs to create your own.

What we can help you with

Design around your content

Custom Fields

Set up custom fields based on your content’s specific needs. Choose from a huge variety of built-in and plugin-supplied field types.

Section Types

Not all content is created equal. Craft comes with three types of sections that let you manage your entries differently depending on your use case.


Relate your entries, categories, tags, assets, users, and even plugin-supplied element types using Craft’s powerful relationship system.

Categories and Tags

Keeping things organised in Craft is easy with its built-in category and tag support.


Manage the content for multiple related websites from a single Craft installation.


All of your site’s content can be localised to target specific languages and territories, from the URLs down to your custom field values.

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Live Preview

See how your content will look right as you type with Live Preview, and share in-progress drafts with others using private preview URLs.

Asset Management

Craft comes with desktop-class asset management built-in. Define volumes and subfolders, and view your files in list or thumbnail views.

Image Editor

Crop, rotate, flip, and straighten your photos right from within the control panel.

User Management

Define user groups, set permissions on groups or individual users, and optionally allow public user registration.


Each of your users gets their own fully customisable dashboard, tailored to their needs.

One-Click Updating

Keep Craft and your plugins up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements with one-click updating.


Why our clients love Shopify

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We work with start-up businesses through to global organisations.

The answers to your questions.

Craft Commerce is an eCommerce platform built on top of the very popular Craft CMS, which is extremely flexible and customisable so you can build exactly the store you need, enabling you to build a more bespoke eCommerce website.

Unfortunately, we don't have set project prices. Every commerce brief we work on has different requirements that alter the spec of the job. So, once we've received the brief, we can indicate the cost and timescale. If you need a hand, we wrote a useful article on how to create a killer web design brief.

Here at Shape, we use both Shopify and Craft Commerce. Craft Commerce doesn't use templates so this enables us to create fully bespoke eCommerce experiences, and everything you interact with on Craft Commerce is designed to just make sense. Bottom line: If you want an eCommerce store that can scale and be cost-effective in the long run Craft Commerce is your solution. We wrote an article on the pros and cons of Shopify vs Craft Commerce if you want to know more.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Completely customisable backend.
  • Uses Twig for easy template creation and clean code.
  • Build what you need instead of reworking something you don't.
  • User-friendly dashboard and order management.
  • Live preview your product listings before you publish.
  • Faster site load speeds due to lightweight code.
  • Increased security

Craft Commerce comes with hundreds of plugins to extend Craft's functionality. You can extend Craft’s functionality with off-the-shelf plugins or take advantage of our framework and APIs to create your own.