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How long have you been part of the team at Shape?

I've been at Shape for around 6 years now. I bagged a couple of weeks of work experience at the end of my first year at Salford Uni and from then on, well what can I say, they couldn't get enough of me.

What's your favourite aspect about working at Shape?

The fact we are a small cohort makes it a great environment to work in. This allows us to work very close with one another, sharing ideas and feedback throughout projects, giving us very a collaborative and efficient workflow. We actually know each another on more than a first name basis unlike some places! Though I think we know each other a little too well in some ways...

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

90% of the time you can find me either at Manchester Aquatics Centre smashing out a proper 'ard swim session with Manchester Triathlon Club, in the middle of the Peak District on my bike finding new climbs, cafes, coffee and cake, or down by the rivers and canals running with my pals. The other 10% of my time is assigned to eating, boozing and napping.

So, you compete in Triathlons, are you any good?

Yeah I'm class. But not really, I'm alright. As Mike would say, why be good at one sport when you can be average at 3. Last month I completed my first Ironman race in Bolton and finished in a slightly above average 36th place overall. That was a very tough day. It really helped seeing all my family and friends having a great time, absolutely pissed out of their heads whilst I was in a world of trouble, up to my neck in sweat, flat coke and energy gels.

Which project was most satisfying for you to work on?

I am very fond of E-Commerce and it's always nice to see businesses benefit from a platform we design and build for them. A recent stand out for me is Decor8 Northern. I feel it is a simple, modern, clean design that met the brief perfectly - to help the team at Decor8 manage and handle orders through the website.

Why do you think clients should choose to work with Shape?

I think one of the best qualities about us is the client relationships we offer. Being a small team allows us to work with clients on a much more attentive level. Also, we are just really nice people who enjoy what we do here.


Tom Pickering

Web Developer

Favourite Typeface: Aperçu Mono Favourite Colour: #eeec46 Eats too much Cereal Competes in Triathlons Can get drunk of half a pint of Shandy Favourite Shape: Triangle Favourite Artist: IDLES
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Let's make something great together.

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