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Implementing an SEO and website strategy for a property developer

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Like a lot of our clients, Alliance Investments came to us just wanting a new website to better serve their global business. However...

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After the initial meeting it was obvious this was going to be a much longer-term relationship and project between us. What we have ended up creating between Shape and the in-house marketing team at Alliance Investments is a partnership where we have helped shape the online customer experience from the ground up – covering design, development, hosting, SEO and ongoing support.

Alliance Investments
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The brief

Creating two websites for one business

A global website and one specifically for Hong Kong which needed to be dual language. The new website needed to be able to compete in the incredibly competitive UK property investment market, with the main purpose of the Alliance Investments website being to generate leads for their sales offices across the globe.

There was also a requirement to build the websites in a way that would allow the team to move away from multiple landing pages and have all traffic pointing at the main website. SEO was also a big thing for the team – having done no real technical SEO historically a huge amount was being spent on paid digital channels such as PPC, and they wanted to be able (over time) to move away from, or at least become less reliant, on this expensive way of marketing.

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Moving from Wordpress to Craft CMS.

Alliance were used to working in Wordpress, but after we explained the benefits of moving over to Craft CMS - the process was straight forward. The main sticking point was that the client had never used it before, but we provide tutorial videos and training to all our clients so that they can manage content themselves without having to get in touch with our team.

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The approach

SEO + Website Strategy

We really lucked out with Alliance Investments from day one… there are not many clients who turn up to the first meeting with brand guidelines and a full proposed website structure for BOTH sites (colour coded we might add) along with a technical specification. And even though we made some tweaks and recommendations to the initial plan, this prep by the client alone meant that we could get cracking on the actual website designs and concepts straight away – the bit we are really good at.

All jokes aside, the Alliance Investment project really challenged the team in a great way – we had to come up with two sites that were on brand, explained instantly what the company did, and would be easy to navigate around and be optimised for conversion no matter if you were in the UK, Hong Kong or The Middle East. From a design perspective it was a dream – the client was happy to rip up the rule book of the current site and let us take control.

The result

Effective and robust

What we have ended up with is a site that is not only built in a much more effective and robust way, with SEO considered throughout, but a site can that can stand alongside competitors in the industry. The new Alliance Investments site is not only a great hub for all online marketing to point at, but it also has helped in positioning the business as a thought leader in the industry – bringing to life to just how big these guys are and all of the services they offer.

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