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Create an online booking system for a skip hire firm in Kent, and implement a 3 year SEO strategy.

TW Services came to MadeByShape with an existing website that was OK, but didn't fully reflect the brand and where it wanted to be in the future. The brief was to fully redesign and build a responsive website that offers customers new functionality that made their life easier when booking a skip online.

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Every element is just as important as the other.

Design, Development, Content, SEO... the are all just as important as each other. Our process was to listen to what the client had, and what they needed. Competitor research, user research and what functionalities we could include to improve the customer experience. A big step in the project, that might seem simple, is to create a content strategy. There was a massive gap in the industry in terms of photography content, competitors weren't doing it well (or even producing professional photography at all). By implementing a content strategy, this helps the client stand out from the crowd, and also improve the use experience online - not only from an engagement point of view, but also from a sign posting aspect so that clients can easily see products and services TW offer.

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“Andy and the team helped us design and build our new website in 2019. There was great support and patience all the way through the design. They was always there to answer any questions we had. We would highly recommend using Made By Shape for your next project! 10/10!”
Terry Dean, TW Services
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A long term SEO strategy

TW Services are in an industry were competitors either don't do SEO at all, or the majority of them do it dodgy. This is unfortunate, but true. So our strategy was to do this correctly over a long period of time so that we get so far ahead of competitors they cannot catch up. It's a slow process but if done correctly, can work very effectively. From a client point of view, it's more cost effective for them, because we aren't throwing the kitchen sink at SEO per month. They get the results they want, and executed to a very high standard - but they understand that they need to be patient.

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