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Why a digital-first approach is essential for your brand

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Updated on 07 Mar 2024

The recent pandemic has been an important factor in the rise of digital-first businesses and the impact it's had on largescale and independents.  By digital-first, we mean creating content via responsive digital channels such as Desktop and Mobile. This could be turning your brick-and-mortar shop into an eCommerce store or simply marketing your business with a website.

Undergoing a digitalisation of your business is a strategic decision that requires an overhaul of many existing processes, it can be hard, even for big brands. But in today's world, advancements in technologies are phenomenal and are only increasing. There may be a time when everything is digital, no cash, no shops… it's a scary thought, but it's one that we have to consider in the future.

In this article, we're going to discuss the importance of digital and the value it can add to your brand.

Brand Awareness

The new digital age grants consumers with new ways to discover brands and businesses, many of which are solely online (for a refreshingly offline look at branding, read our article Place Branding: What Is It & Why Should You Know?). We’re online 24/7, immersing ourselves in technology, whether that be our phones, our computers, TV, iPads, meaning we can experience brands at any time of the day.

In addition, consumers can read reviews and view the products of companies easier and quicker than ever. If you’ve got a business that your users rave about, let them rave about it! But all the better when thousands of other people can read about how amazing your business is!

Commercial Potential

We live in a world where we can talk instantly to someone on the other side of the world and your business being digital-first has the same approach; you can reach customers anywhere in the world meaning the greater its potential to increase revenue and grow your customer base.

More people are going to see your business, particularly when it comes to e-commerce sites and this will translate into more sales. The same goes for businesses offering services. Here at Shape, we work with local clients as well as global businesses, how do they find us? Through our site and our online platforms. There's no denying that you can reach an exponential amount of people when used effectively.

Increased Convenience

Research suggests 84% of UK adults (16+) own a smartphone in 2020, with the internet and 4G at our fingertips, it's now easier than ever to visit an online site or open an app. As increasingly tech-savvy individuals, we actively seek out the most convenient and easiest ways to complete a task, think online banking - I can transfer a sum of money within 3 clicks, from anywhere in the world.

As well as this, streamlining processes makes everyone's lives easier. Sending out a form to be filled out manually and returning your results can be a task and a half. Digitalising processes such as these can speed up tasks for businesses and consumers alike, and make a better user experience.

Proficient Data Management

Going digital means the ability to store, collect, and analyse data much easier. Even social media platforms are offering new insight into the performance of your business and it's super helpful to create new strategies based on the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

From your demographic to geographical data and traffic, this can help SEO and in turn get more business when the correct solution is put in place!

Future Proofing

Take advantage of the incredible advancements in technology we have today. With everyone investing in digital as a result of the pandemic, It's only heading this way so your business is far more likely to be future-proofed and equipped for the digital economy when you’re a digital-first company.

Every day we’re seeing more sophisticated forms of technologies that can perform a myriad of tasks that make your life, both business and user, a lot easier! Now we maybe a bunch of tech nerds, but as these technologies emerge, use them! There’s nothing that gets us more excited than a program update that will help our workflow, and this is the same when it comes to business, it can help you out!


Whether you have a physical store that you need to get customers to or you're solely trading online, the future of digital marketing applies to every industry and is only on the up. Digitalising your business and going digital has become a significant driving force for business in recent times.

For businesses looking to turn digital or go digital-first, It’s a big challenge, but one that is absolutely crucial in order to thrive in the economy of the future. 

Do you think your brand needs to go digital? We think so too. You're in the right place, get in touch today to find out more. 

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