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Why we love Craft Commerce

As well as being an amazing Content Management System (CMS) - Craft also can be a powerful eCommerce platform. We’ve used many in the past such as Cart Throb (EE), Magento, Shopify etc. But we’ve found that Craft Commerce can perform better than all of these when you use it...

Looking to get started in Web Development?

Looking to get started in Web Development? Learning code can seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you're teaching yourself, but there are many resources out there dedicated to helping you learn and improve.

Craft CMS at Shape

Over the past year or so, we’ve been tinkering with a CMS called - Craft, and we love it! When we first started Shape, we ran mostly every website through Expression Engine, but we’ve dropped this completely in favour of Craft.

Bootstrap: What Is It and Why Should You Care

Bootstrap is a free and open source front end web development framework/toolkit primarily used for creating websites and web apps. It was created by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton in 2011, whilst they were at Twitter as a way to maintain design consistency and reduce the maintenance burden that came...

Craft CMS Plugin - Points

Making the switch to a new CMS is always a bit daunting. The community is sometimes not well established and plugins aren’t always available for quick development. But when we moved over to using Craft CMS, we found that it could handle pretty much everything we threw at it (And did...

4 Creative eCommerce Websites

Your website is the first thing your customer will go to when looking up you and your business, so do you need to settle for the 'standard' eCommerce website or should you challenge conventional design to create a site that showcases your product in a unique way.

From Bespoke SASS Framework to Zurb Foundation 6

When Shape first started we rarely used frameworks. We didn’t need frameworks because our team was very small and the projects were not that complex. But, as we started taking on more larger projects and the team grew we decided to write our own CSS framework.

A look at Shopify

Over the past month, I have been working on a project that needed to convert a site over to Shopify. As the majority of our sites are based around our bespoke CMS frameworks - built in Expression Engine and Craft, it is not often that I get to play with...

The basics of HTML5 Canvas: Part 1

HTML 5's Canvas has been out now for quite a while but for some it's a completly new feature, a new skill to master. On a recent project of mine I've had the chance to delve into what you can actualy do with it and alothugh I'm still learning I've...

We Love Craft CMS

When potential clients enquire about a website, and require the ability to update their website ( via a Content Management System - CMS) 90% of the time they ask “Do you work with WordPress?” or “I need a WordPress website, can you help?”. When we are asked this we happily...

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