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Branding: Sources of inspiration

Branding inspiration
Updated on 15 Mar 2024

Although we love a good book and a nice shiny mag here at Shape, the Internet is a great place for inspiration with a wealth of design blogs and online magazines on offer.

Whether its place branding, car branding, luxury fashion, or legendary branding success stories, we need to dip into sources of branding inspiration to charge up for each project we tackle.

Here are some great resources for inspiration that we frequently use when it comes to branding projects. Here's a collection of our top 5 for you to follow.

1. Behance.net

Behance is an offshoot from the Adobe platform with a purpose to connect creatives from various disciplines and let them showcase their work. What's great about Behance is the variety within the projects and how there's always new content available to view. Covering everything from Illustration to motion graphics, it also enables us to research additional assets that may assist in full brand identity projects. Anyone can join and post on Behance so the large assortment of work makes finding specific design inspiration much easier.

2. BrandNew by UnderConsideration.com

On a number of occasions, we’ve come across designs on Brand New that have sparked inspiration and have gotten us through the occasional creative drought. What we particularly like about Under Consideration is how it illustrates how new logos from established brands tie into trends creating a new visual identity. It's also really interesting to learn more about how designers think and work through their processes within these designs.

3. BPandO.org

BP&O stands for Branding, Packaging, and Opinion, and is the brainchild of Richard Baird, a British freelance designer and writer who specialises in brand identities and packaging. It's a brilliant resource with a combination of inspiring identities, daily design inspiration, reviews, news, and in-depth analysis. Baird has a stellar take on excellent branding work and a collection of inspiring images. There are tons of archives to delve into and enjoy across various industries.

4. IdentityDesigned.com

Identity Designed is a great site for full brand identity projects that you may not see on traditional sites. The site focuses on different takes of brand identities throughout the world which gives us an insight into design and aesthetics from different cultures and smaller Studios. Not only visuals, but they also show the support work and thinking that goes behind the design which is vital in understanding certain aspects of brand identity. We have come across some incredible work on ID that has really helped inspire us on the projects we are working on.

5. Instagram

There is so much great content on Instagram that we couldn't let this one slide. As well as freelance designers and other design agencies, there are some accounts that showcase some of the best work all in one place, accounts such as @worldbranddesign@visualjournal.it, @branding_design, @thedesignkids & @thebrandidentity are great examples of this. Our feed is constantly filled with incredible branding projects from professionals and students alike, both of which inspire us with new ideas all the time.

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