Team Trips

Each year we organise a team trip away. For example; we spent 3 days in Dublin at christmas to celebrate the year and let our hair down.

We think it's very important to look after your team and make sure they enjoy their time with other individuals. Moving away from our desk and spending time with each other helps us all bond. We have spent a lot of time recruiting in certain individuals and it's important we look after them.

Dublin 1

"Dublin was more than your average Christmas doo. Eating, drinking, sightseeing, riding Rickshaws and watching Mike drink 10 pints of Guinness. Mega." Tom Pickering

Working with an agency isn't just about yearly wages. It's about lifestyle choice, the people you work with, the added benefits you get, and how you are treated.

We pride ourselves on what we offer to staff within their contracts and all the extras they receive. Team trips is just an element of this but something that makes the team feel special. We all need a break away from work, clients, and this is just one way that we find successful from both points of view.

Local nights out, trips to the pub, bowling, team building days that all involve food are always on the cards too here at MadeByShape.

The time away from ringing phones, interrupted conversations and sending emails back and forth needs to be organised and planned, but the main agenda is to relax and go with the flow.

A good team building away day should achieve some (if not all) of the following:

• More motivated team members
• A clearer sense of personal relations
• New ideas for more efficient working
• More clearly defined and understood roles
• Greater appreciation of team members’ diverse strengths and attributes
• Increased trust within the team
• Clear space to think and generate ideas
• A sense of pride and belonging within the team

      "Dublin was a good way for us to wind down after a busy year, a fun weekend full of beer, food and laughter." Mike Ashurst

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