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Shapes of Support: Mental Health in Our Workspace

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Updated on 06 Feb 2024

One in four people experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in the UK alone.

We do everything we can to make sure the mental health of our team is well looked after.

We're in the business of creating amazing results for our clients, but the heart and soul of MadeByShape are our people. Their well-being is what fuels our creativity and commitment. That's why we don't just work hard; we work mindfully, ensuring our team is not just productive but also genuinely happy and healthy. Without our team firing on all cylinders, we wouldn't be able to provide the incredible service that we do.

Looking after the mental health of everyone at MadeByShape is one of our main priorities and we've put steps in place to make sure everyone's healthy and raring to go.

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Work Environment

How would you feel working from a cold, dark, and cramped office? Lucky for us, we don't have to. Our entire office has been designed by the team and is now a perfect working environment. Take a look for yourself. We've transformed our space into a place that invites creativity and comfort. Bright, spacious, and buzzing with inspiration. You want to actually like the space you're working in, and that's exactly why we listened to the team. It's scientifically proven that the interior design of an environment promotes creative thinking, innovation and productivity... coincidence?

We literally have a sign that says 'Good Vibes Only'.

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Lot's of businesses say they have an open-door policy, but how many really do? Having a cool place to work wouldn't count for much if you couldn't talk to the people you worked with. The founders of Shape have done an amazing job in creating a relaxed environment where everybody gets on — and if someone in the team is having a problem, they're made to feel comfortable enough that they can talk to anyone. Here, every voice matters, and every concern is addressed with empathy and discretion.

Flexible working hours

We're all about smashing goals, but not at the cost of personal time. We understand that people have lives outside of work, and spending time with family and friends — or doing whatever it is that helps you to relax — plays a huge role in avoiding burnout. That's why our flexible working hours are more than a policy; they're our way of saying, 'We get it.' That's why, despite having official working hours, we're pretty flexible as long as the work gets done. We encourage our team to find their balance, to recharge and return brighter and better.

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Socialising and Team events

Is there anything more satisfying than being part of a team? We don't think so. That's why we organise team trips away every year. Getting away from our desks and spending time together outside of work creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so that people actually enjoy coming to the office and love working together.

At the end of the day, MadeByShape isn’t just a place to work; it’s a place to grow, to be heard, and to feel supported. It's where well-being is woven into the very fabric of our culture, ensuring that every team member not only shines in their role but thrives in their personal life too. 

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My favourite thing about working at Shape is that you’re treated with such value. You are listened to, trusted, and celebrated for your skills and creativity.
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