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Studio Projects

Working on personal projects within the studio is very important in our eyes. It breaks up workflow and keeps your mind active. We've done this since Day One and it will continue as long as we are within the creative industry.

Each year we try to inspire, excite and challenge ourselves through a topic chosen by the agency.

Whether it be non profit project, charity related, experimental, design orientated or challenging our development skills - the project is decided upon collectively. Sometimes, we even offer our services to startup businesses to help them out if the budget isn't there.

Shapexmas Grid

It's a Shape Christmas.

Started in 2011, here at Shape we created a collaboration project that connected students, graduates and industry professionals. We created a digital platform to enable them to create artwork free for download to end users on iPhone & iPad.

25 creatives are given a random shape by us, with only one theme — Christmas. In the past, the shapes have been photographed, illustrated, animated and even made in 3D, there's no limits. The work is then released in advent calendar style, with 1 piece of work shown each day throughout December leading up to Christmas day. We promote the work via social media before, during and after the project.

Since launching the project it's had...

  • Over 1,500,000 page views
  • Featured over 175 artists from around the world
  • Won several design awards across the globe
  • Been recognised by L'Occitane and used as a studio project

Challenging yourself on self initiated briefs is not only fun, but engages parts of your brain that may not have touched in previous months working directly for clients. You can push the boundaries and challenge your skills with no restrictions.

Let's make something great together.
Let's make something great together.

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