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Why I asked for work experience after 5 years in the industry

Joanne Edwards
Caution! This article is 5 years old, and our opinions may have changed.
Joanne Edwards

I believe that it doesn't matter what age you are or what your previous experience is, any new opportunity to learn and get involved is a great learning curve.

Before I started working at MadeByShape I was a web designer and developer for a small local IT company. I've always been ambitious and hard working, and I love what I do. After 5 years in the industry I didn't feel like I was being used for my full potential and that I'd learnt all I could. I knew it was time to move onto a new and more challenging job.

After searching online and looking at award winning sites I came across MadeByShape. They were a small, young team who obviously loved what they did and they created amazing functional websites. Unfortunately they weren't hiring anyone at the time but I was still very eager to get in touch and show them my portfolio.

My work experience at MadeByShape

Unlike most companies, Andy the co-founder emailed me back straight away and was happy for me to come in for a meeting. He was super friendly and encouraging. He sadly couldn't offer me a job because I lacked experience with Craft CMS, but because I was eager to learn and show what I had to offer, Andy was willing to give me 2 weeks work experience.

I learnt so much in those 2 weeks and my time there was very productive. It was a great experience and even though those 2 weeks might have been the only time I was there for, they made me feel really welcome and they were happy to help me with anything I got stuck with. I really felt like part of the team.

Working as a female web developer

My whole career life I've worked in a male dominated office and my ideas and thoughts were often dismissed. Not once have I felt this way at MadeByShape and I am very proud to be their first female web developer. It can be a challenging subject to learn but I truly love creating and building websites from scratch. I couldn't recommend this career enough and I hope more woman choose web development as a job path.

To the future

I will be voicing my thoughts and opinions on the MadeByShape blog over the coming months. Hopefully it will provide some insight and advice to other developers in a similar position to me. I hope you enjoy listening to my journey on this new career path with the rest of the team in our digital agency.

I'm a web developer here at Shape but outside of that, I'm a hockey team captain.