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A day in the life of a Digital Designer

Caution! This article is 5 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Day to day life can be quite hectic, fast paced, yet interesting.. I’m constantly juggling hobby and work life, along with other responsibilities such as feeding my Hamster, Tortoise, budgie and 3 cats.. you'd be forgiven for thinking my house was a wildlife sanctuary 🤣

Left to Right: Dennis playing with Tolly & Ginger the hamster


Depending on whether I have training or not that morning depends on what time I get up, I regularly do a 20-30 mile training ride before work as this helps me to do a double days training. I'm a keen cyclist racing for a team so I tend to spend the majority of my spare time on my bike, fixing my bike, or looking at buying things for my bike 🚴🏻‍♂️


Arrive at work, have a shower, clean up and get ready for the day.. with a huge bowl of Aldi’s very own Choco Pillows! 🍫


Every day starts with me checking my emails, responding to client requests, and seeing what jobs I may have for the day alongside my already scheduled work. I make it a daily task to check Drift, Drift is a messaging app on our website which allows us to talk to our website visitors and customers in real-time, from anywhere... 


On a Monday we have a meeting with everyone and Andy goes over what we need to get done that week, we brainstorm on current projects, fire ideas at each other and generally help each other with our creative work. A lot can be taken from these meetings, as we are all creative people we all have different, more unique ways of solving problems. It's an invaluable thing for me as it helps me to see where I may have gone wrong in a project, or to help solve a problem I may have overlooked.


We eat!… Dinner time is time for playing cards, monopoly, and generally talking about our social lives... Me Tom and Jason usually talk all things Triathlons, cycling and sport
We have fun, joke, laugh and sometimes take the mick out of each other.

I must be winning* here as I have a smile on my face.

*Disclaimer I don't like losing


Back to it, after a quick re charge of the batteries over lunch it’s time to get some work done.. Again, check emails or any messaged left on the answer phone. 


BREW!… Me and Tom have a strict schedule for brewing up throughout the day, some may say it’s unhealthy but we don’t really care.


If I’ve not got any tight deadlines, or anything which needs urgent attention, it’s time to clock off.

Tom wearing one of those funny pointy helmet things


Most evenings I’ll go ride my bike, which can be anything from 20 mile, up to 70 mile.. I attend weekly group training rides which can be quite intense. I quite like the time I spend on the bike as it helps me to unwind from the stresses of the designer life.


Get home after my evening ride, have tea… Yes in Wigan the evening meal is called tea 🤣

What makes our studio different?

Our Studio is unique in the way it's run, we have fun, are productive and have a great click with each other... I enjoy spending time here, we are never far from a bit of banter or funny moments... here are a few bonus images from over the last few months.

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