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5 Minimalist Website Inspiration

"Negative space is, the space that surrounds an object in a image. Negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space and brings balance to a composition."

  • Posted by Adam Ascroft

Benefits of working in the design industry

I’ve been in the design industry for 12 years now, and I still love what I do. Some people hate their jobs, some just plod along, and others thrive in their environment. It’s not easy to jump ship once you’re settled so let’s go back and give some reasons as...

Slinky: The saviour of HTML email templates

If there's one thing that haunts most developers, it's custom email templates. The limitations of them can be a real struggle. This week I came across a Plugin for Sketch that has changed my life. Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Slinky.

Abbie Johnson: Worthwhile work experience

A few months ago I found myself scouring the internet to find worthwhile work experience that would help me stand out from the crowd. As an English student the stereotypical ‘what are you going to do with that degree?’ pressure can occasionally bother me and send me in a panic...

Why aren't there more female web developers?

It is no secret that the tech side of the digital industry continues to be male dominated as just last year it was reported 50,000 girls were turning away from a STEM education each year and in an extensive survey which was carried out by PwC , the results showed...

A few of my favourite resources for website development

Being a web developer is predominantly based around problem solving the designs and features that get passed our way. This is something that I and am sure other developers thrive off - bringing functionality and life to static designs is what is so special about web / digital design. Sometimes...

From Design Student to Digital Agency Director

When I was a student at Wigan & Leigh College or University of Salford, I used to absorb as much information as possible from other students, graduates and industry professionals. My main questions when I was younger was ‘How did you get into the design industry?’ and ‘How did you...

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