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Top 8 Amazing Apps for College Students

Every student in our time admittedly uses an innovative gadget in some way or the other. It could be for pure entertainment whereas others have devised some way to use for them for study. It’s estimated that about 197 billion mobile app downloads happened in 2017. Probably this is the...

Njorun Active website goes live

MadeByShape launch new website for Njorun Active. The UK's premium destination for the world's finest activewear labels, including gym leggings for health conscious females.

Our digital predictions for 2018

OK so we’re back in work, the new year resolutions have already failed and we’ve still got 18 mince pies leftover in the cupboard. We had a great time resting, enjoying life and spending time with family. But now is time to continue what we love to do the majority...

12 Essential Tips for Creating the Perfect Design Portfolio

Whether you’re applying for a job in the real world or online, your portfolio is the first impression that you’re going to give to your potential employers. Within it, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your very best work, all your experience while having the ability to show your potential...

Why Your Website Has A Lifespan Of A Housefly

Houseflies pass through four different stages in their seemingly short stay in your humble abode. From egg, larva, pupa, and then to adult, the fly buzzes around and bugs the crap out of you all the while excreting its byproducts on everything you touch.  In its short life of approximately...

  • Posted by Andy Golpys

First thoughts of Training Peaks

Over the past few weeks I have been using Training Peaks to analyse my triathlon training. This is a powerful application and I am still getting to grips with all of it's wonderful data, but for now I thought it'd be nice to share my initial thoughts on it!

  • Posted by Tom Pickering

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