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Updated on 12 Nov 2018 · 0 min read

iPhone 5

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iPhone 5

OK so there has been a number of rumours circlutaing that Apple will launch the iPhone5 this year but what could do we all think the new iPhone will feature? Well, we would put money on it having a better camera, better resolution, more memory, a HD recording function, and longer battery. But extra features could there be? hmmmm....

It has been rumoured that Apple will keep the same design as the successful iPhone4 - but increase the screen size to around 4" or 5" inches diagonally. I personally prefer the shape of the iPhone3Gs... but that's my opinion. The rounded edges suited my style more than the straight edged rugged iPhone4.

The ability to record full HD videos would be awesome! So I hope that rumour is true! The option to have white models would also be cool, but I'd personally stick to classic Black.

Anyways, it's a chinese whispers, but look out for further announcements from Apple direct.

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