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The Best Social Media Agencies in the UK

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Updated on 26 Apr 2022

It is with tentative steps that any business approaches the task of hiring a social media agency. It’s not exactly surprising, considering you’re handing over your hard-earned brand reputation (and a wad of cash) to a team of strangers to wield on social media in front of millions.

Seeing results takes time, especially with organic social media marketing, which relies on long term strategies to build followers, engagement, reach and any other metric you’re seeking to improve. You might be paying into a retainer for a good few months before you see a return on investment, and what if that never really happens? It’s a big risk for a business to take.

Taking the leg work out of your search, we’ve narrowed down a shortlist of the best social media agencies in the UK using criteria based on facts and non-biased evidence. Our investigation looks at these social media agencies for their results and reputation, not simply what they say they can do.

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How We Rated The Best

Finding the best social media agencies in the UK isn't as simple as transcribing a list of the top search results in Google. If there’s one thing we know from working with our own clients, it’s that there are always some hidden gems on page two that simply haven’t finessed their SEO game.

It’s unrealistic to work with every notable social media agency in the UK in order to get a first-hand account of their skills and quality of output. So we approached our investigation from the perspective of a potential client, investigating each agency as if preparing to choose to work with the best one.

We used four different criteria to determine the quality of each agency and whittled the list down to ten of the best social media agencies in the UK based on these metrics

Social Media Agency Results

Probably of the highest importance to most businesses, an agency’s results prove they can do what they claim. Are there any visible results showing the quantifiable impact of the agency’s work? What have they achieved for their clients in the past?

Results are the end goal of working with a social media agency so this is number one on our list. By assessing results in case studies we can get a good idea of which companies are capable of producing the biggest and best impact.

Social Media Agency Reputation

Delivering results is one thing, but we also want to know what value we will get from the working relationship. As an agency, we know that having a good relationship with our clients makes our work more meaningful than simply delivering on our promises.

It means taking the pressure off our clients when they know they can trust us, giving them back precious time through well-managed work, being an ear, and offering genuine advice and insights.

Was communication easy? Were deadlines extended? Would clients recommend them? We look at non-biased third-party testimonials on platforms like Google Business, TrustPilot, and Glassdoor to get a sense of reputation, internally and externally.

Social Media Agency Portfolio

When we want to work with professionals, a portfolio of work helps us get an idea of where the person or organisation stands in terms of calibre, breadth of skill, and any specialisms they have.

We’ll look for other brands they’ve worked with in our industry to see how much relevant experience they have. We’ll also keep an eye out for any big brands that suggest they’ve won highly competitive work.

An agency will likely only show a sample of the most successful work in their portfolio, but identifying any long-term projects helps us get an understanding of their client retention.

Social Media Agency Attitude

At MadeByShape we work with brands that we feel a connection with. From international brands to two-person businesses in Manchester, we seek out collaborative relationships with clients that think ambitiously and approach their goals with open minds like we do.

Attitude is crucial when seeking out a good quality agency. We want to know we’re working with a team that values integrity and honesty, and which approaches the project with commitment.

We’ll seek out indicators of a good attitude like innovative project work, thought-leading blog pieces and inspiring team culture.

Looking through these filters for quality, here is our list of the best social media agencies in the UK.

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1. Prohibition

CIPR’s Outstanding PR Consultancy of the Year, Best Use of Social Media, Best Use of Influencer Relations, and Prolific North’s Best Integrated Campaign of the year 2019-20 are just a few of the awards Prohibition has won that tout its social media prowess.

Combining social media and PR, Prohibition has produced campaigns for household name clients like Interflora, Yorkshire Water, and Watches of Switzerland. Their work has helped clients reach millions on social media and gain tens of thousands of followers with paid and organic social media strategies.

Reviews from businesses who worked with Prohibition highlight their attentiveness and willingness to listen as well as their offering of strong ideas to suit unique challenges and excellent time management.

2. Spin Brands

Image source: Google Business reviews

Spin Brands is a team of self-proclaimed social media pros. The agency is driven by passion and curiosity, backed by its ever-expanding blog filled with articles on current trends and self-help for businesses broaching the world of social media. Spin Brands’ portfolio centres on large scale clients like Love Honey, Moët and Chandon, and Muji.

A sample of case studies show off Spin Brands’ skills in putting their clients on the social media map, with results including 200,000+ Instagram followers, $60,000 media value, and 300%+ engagement rate.

The Manifest named Spin Brands and one of the most reviewed agencies in 2021, and those reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Many businesses comment on the professionalism of the team and the striking uplift in social media results they’ve experienced working with them.

3. Dokoo Digital

Dokoo Digital offers its clients social media management as well as training to handle it themselves. Although small in scale, Dokoo Digital has achieved some highly impactful results including £50,000 revenue from an ad spend of under £800 and £10,000 revenue from just one LinkedIn post.

Dokoo Digital’s reviews are five stars across the board, with clients reporting on how the team made them feel comfortable and explained complex ideas in simple language. Social media training allowed clients to spend less and improve the desired outcomes of their efforts, giving them the tools they needed for sustainable growth on social media.

4. Media Bounty

Image source: mediabounty.com/

Ethically-driven Media Bounty is working on being the UK’s leading independent ethical creative agency. Protecting and preserving the world for the next generation is at the forefront of Media Bounty’s mission. The agency works with brands and projects on a trajectory for positive change like Bodyform’s #wombstories campaign promoting honest discussion about women's intimate health and Rewriting Extinction’s partnership to save as many species from extinction as possible.

Media Bounty’s campaigns have returned thousands of new followers for their clients among other results. In one project (another for Bodyform), a campaign reached 1.7 million, with 12,400 social engagements.

Client’s comment on Media Bounty’s passion and ability to exceed expectations, while employees report on a fulfilling work environment and good, long-term client relationships.

5. The Tree

The Tree’s award-winning social media team produce results for clients through organic and paid social media, and social listening.

The Tree’s portfolio of work includes a five million+ reach campaign for Just Eat featuring a 3D printed magic wand, a future-proof social media story campaign for EasyJet which gained 1.4 million unique users, and a 3,600% increase in engagements for pub giant Youngs. With a diverse range of case studies, the agency demonstrates its innovative and creative approach to each of its clients’ challenges.

This creative spark is supported by reviews. Testimonials show The Tree to be proactive and forthcoming with unique approaches and ideas.


CEEK are social media specialists with an extensive end-to-end understanding of social media for business. The agency focuses on working with brands it loves and takes time to thoroughly understand their identity, message, and goals to amplify their stories on social platforms. Because of this level of commitment, they are regularly referred to, or mistaken, for an in-house social media team of their clients.

CEEK’s portfolio includes luxury brand clients Carte Noir, The Savoy, Radisson and Mayflower London. The agency’s testimonials are filled with positive feedback on the dedication of the team.

7. Social Republic

Image source: clutch.co

Social Republic is an agency constantly on the move, looking for new, fresh and innovative ideas to reach audiences. Results-driven strategy is at the foundation of each bespoke project.

Social Republic offers social media content creation, paid ads, and influencer marketing. The agency has worked with some notable brands, bringing in impressive results. They helped the Red Cross reach more than five million people for International Women’s Day, created a 37% increase in delivery bookings for eBay, and generated 10,000 app downloads in just three months for Buump Active.

Client testimonials speak of impressive results, and highly supportive communication with the team to help them understand each stage of the project process.

8. The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is an agency built on openness, transparency, and trust, always keeping their clients informed and included every step of the way. This is a reputation reflected in their reviews which describe highly responsive communication and relationships with the team. Testimonials from employees are also positive, showing the agency to foster a supportive and friendly working environment.

The Good Marketer offers services in social media advertising on all major platforms and also have a specialist videographer to create professional video content. Through these services, they’ve achieved remarkable results including a 175% increase in revenue, 3.35 ROAS in three months, and over £20,000 in sales from a limited ad budget.

9. The Goat Agency

Results for Dell

Image source: goatagency.com

The Goat Agency combines influencer marketing, paid social, social media strategy, and social media management to bring its clients a full-service social media offering. As one of the leading social media agencies in London, a huge range of results can be seen in its extensive portfolio. Clients include well-known brands like Dell, Audi, Beefeater, Tinder, Danone, Olay, and Superdrug.

The Goat’s website is home to a hub of video content dedicated to investigating digital trends, as well as insights from the inner workings of the business. As one of the pioneers in influencer marketing and one of the first on the scene for social media marketing, the agency has a deep understanding of how social strategy works and successful creative execution of social content.

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