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The Best Web Design Agencies to Work For in the UK

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Updated on 15 Sept 2022

The Best Web Design Agencies to Work For in the UK

Here are our picks of the best web design agencies to work for across the UK. The first one is going to shock you.

1. MadeByShape

Made By Shape

Image source: MadeByShape

Manchester-based MadeByShape is an award-winning web design agency that specialises in web design, web development, eCommerce and organic SEO.

The energetic, fresh, and vibrant team offers creative talent, industry knowledge and a bespoke, professional, and trustworthy service.

Working here, you can expect to get up close and personal with projects from a range of industries and sizes, as they work with everyone from go-getting start-ups to impressive global organisations such as Blackberry, NHS and L'Occitane.

They’re a small but mighty team of 16 that includes web and brand designers, developers, SEO experts and content writers.

They’re open about the importance of the mental health and wellbeing of their team and have made clear steps to ensure their staff are as happy as their clients.

These include:

  • A cool and comfortable office space designed by the whole team, with productivity, innovation and accessibility in mind.

  • 2 weeks off at Christmas (paid) to spend time with your family or book that holiday

  • An open-door policy regarding communication amongst the team, with the founders creating a relaxed and welcoming environment where employees feel comfortable enough to speak up if they’re having a problem.

  • Flexible working hours, including hybrid/remote working.

  • Team trips away, local nights out, and team building days to promote a chilled and friendly atmosphere where employees genuinely enjoy each other’s company and working together.

  • £100 Birthday Bonus

Designer Ella Dawson explained, ‘The culture at Shape is second to none and anyone lucky enough to experience it, client or team member, consider yourself special. It's so important to feel comfortable in your work environment and Shape makes that a priority.’

Send MadeByShape a message today about your project. 


Image source: Studio 24

Studio 24 is a digital agency specialising in ethical web design, web development, strategy, UX and UI-focused design, website hosting and domains, content writing, eCommerce, and social media.

Their main studio is based in the beautiful university and tech city of Cambridge, and they’re a small business that punches above its weight, working with a range of interesting organisations on design and technology projects.

A team of 16 (we’re seeing a trend here), they have a real focus on the mental health of their team, and even have two trained mental health first aiders who employees can talk to regarding any issues in or out of the workplace.

Since the pandemic and the change to remote working, the company has utilised the employee happiness tracking platform, Friday Pulse, to help build a positive and productive work culture.

They also offer internships and a work experience programme, helping to support students getting their first experience of working at a digital agency in the UK.

This diverse and friendly agency believes in creating an ethical and positive work environment and offers several benefits to their staff including:

  • Flexible working for all staff and a home working equipment budget for all employees

  • Training via courses, conferences, and time to self-study

  • Company days out, events and lunches

  • Free local benefits

Complex Creative

Image Source: Complex Creative

A London-based, full-service agency, Complex Creative offer all aspects of web design, development, and marketing.

Previous clients include Fitbit, Unicef, The Ministry of Defence, Pirelli, and Macmillan Cancer Support. If these big names are anything to go by, you can be sure that working here you’re going to be part of some dynamic work that’s going to be seen worldwide.

They support select charities big and small with their creative service pro-bono, and employees are encouraged to take part in fundraising activities and volunteer programmes. You can also expect to be regularly involved in projects that promote sustainability and help the environment.

They’re a larger, vibrant team, with a great reputation, and you’ll no doubt work on exciting and innovative projects daily.

While they are a fully in-house agency, their staff benefits are not to be scoffed at. When working here you can expect:

  • Monthly team meals and socials

  • Annual staff trip abroad — past trips have included a beach holiday in Spain to skiing in Bulgaria!

  • 50+ paid days of annual leave

  • Birthday off and mental health day

  • Corporate perks including discounts to leading retailers and freebies from great brands

  • Training and development budget

  • Annual bonus and pension fund


Image source: Bird Marketing

This multi-award-winning digital agency offer services from web design to SEO, PPC, website hosting and more.

They’re a full-service agency and have worked with a range of companies including tech corporation Huawei, international fashion brand Moda Minx and technology solutions company First Data. Working here you’ll get to design for a wide spectrum of clients and no two days would likely look the same.

They offer remote working, but also have offices in London and Essex.

A small but effective team of 16 (they call themselves the flock), they pride themselves on being a close-knit group with a powerful output.

Employees here can expect to enjoy a wide range of perks including:

  • Free gym membership, Netflix, and Spotify Premium

  • Private medical insurance

  • Regular work lunches to bond with the team

  • End of year and summer parties

  • Five days and £500 for courses and training (per year)

Their website details their transparent recruitment process, and even includes a paid trial day or project should you be asked to take part in one — something that disappointingly isn’t always the norm in the industry.


Image source: Bozboz

Brighton-based agency Bozboz is web and UX design, brand identity, copywriting, and graphic design specialists, who create everything from responsive websites to multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

They thrive on being on the cutting edge, and offer a fast-paced digital production atmosphere, with very high design and development standards and a talented team who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Their 25-strong creative team includes digital strategists, graphic designers, and developers. Working as part of their team of digital professionals, you'll get the opportunity to learn about many aspects of the business, alongside chances for professional development and progression within the agency.

This is a fast-paced, energetic agency where you can expect to work with an inspiring and accomplished team of designers and developers. Past clients include Cartoon Network, Cat’s Protection, and Love Supreme.

Their office in central Brighton was named as one of Britain’s coolest and most innovative agency spaces, is packed with the latest ergonomic equipment, and lots of gadgets and houses an art gallery.

Company benefits include:

  • Birthday day off

  • Regular team events and socials

  • An extra day added to your holiday allowance each year

  • Medical cash plan

  • Most Valuable Player prizes

  • Flexible/hybrid working

  • Supportive working environment

  • Office dog — Dave the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

How popular is web design as a career?

The importance of web design is not lost on any shrewd business owner in 2022, and many businesses of all industries and sizes now understand the great importance of their web presence.

These days it’s hard to imagine a world without the internet, where you can order almost any weird and wonderful product from around the world, view videos you never knew you needed to see, and while away half the day on Instagram and TikTok.

The internet’s popularity has grown exponentially since its commercial launch in 1994, and the pandemic fostered a quantum leap that saw digital transformation and technologies accelerated by an estimated seven years.

As you can probably imagine, in 2020 there was a surge in internet usage, with the average UK adult spending an average of four hours a day online, communicating with friends and family, watching videos, spending money on eCommerce sites and more. While it would be easy to assume these numbers dropped since lockdowns, you’d be wrong. The latest research shows that in the third quarter of 2021, internet users in the UK spent over six hours a day online.

Since the internet is now an integral part of life for millions of people, companies can see the value in creating or improving their online image to entice customers and retain their audience in an increasingly competitive market.

The digital landscape is expanding rapidly, and a high-quality, responsive, and stylish website is the foundation of any business’s digital footprint on the web and is recognised as a ‘must have’ when launching or hoping to improve a business.

With that in mind, people are investing in professional services and turning to established, skilled web design agencies to help them develop and design a website to fit their business needs.

Great news for consumers, and great news for web designers looking to land themselves a diverse, satisfying, and lucrative role in the industry.

Visit What is a Web Design Agency? to get into the real detail of the web design agency world.

Read on to find out more about the role, the industry, considerations worth taking before you decide where might best suit you, and our pick of some of the best web design agencies to work for across the country.

The Role of a Web Designer

When working as a web designer you’re responsible for designing and building the interface, navigation, visual design, and experiential aspects of a website.

We’re a shallow lot, and 75% of consumers admit to judging a brand’s credibility based on the aesthetics of a website (and the experience they have with it). When working as a web designer you’re responsible for strategically utilising design in a way that makes a website easy to use and navigate to achieve the desired result for the user.

The creative and considered thinking you’ll bring to an agency is an invaluable aspect of the web design process and will make you a valuable addition to any team.

Day-to-day tasks can vary greatly depending on the size of the agency you work for but can include everything from meeting with clients, designing sample page layouts, testing, and improving the design and flow of websites, designing animations and graphics, and more.

Head over to our article The Role of a Web Designer to learn more about the key skills and responsibilities associated with the role, as well as potential income and career path.

Ultimately, working as a web designer means you will spend your days blending creativity with technology, and you’ll spend most of your time using a range of innovative design software applications to create visually appealing and intuitive websites — as well as all the features and elements that make them so impressive.

Visit Which software is used in Web Design? to learn more about these dynamic web design tools, and how designers use them to turn their inspired and original ideas into a reality.

The UK Web Design Industry

The UK’s web design industry is worth over £575 million (and rising), and there are over 2000 professional web design agencies currently operating.

A typical agency now offers a range of services from design to SEO, development to content writing, eCommerce to web hosting and more, and can offer a full-scale, tailored approach to anyone who employs their services.

Anyone in need of a website can use one, be it a large, corporate company looking for a full redesign and overhaul, or a niche small business looking for a brand-new website built from scratch, filled with relevant, SEO-optimised content.

When looking for your new job, it’s good to think about your experience and the kind of place you feel you (and your career!) would flourish.

Do you have any specialist skills, or have a passion for a particular industry? Some agencies specialise in food, fashion, travel, music, gaming, and everything in between. Are you an outwardly confident extrovert, who loves to socialise and thrives in a busy, energetic atmosphere? Or are you an introvert who works best in a quieter, more sedate environment?

In this vein, it’s good to have an idea from the outset of whether you’d fit better into a small or large agency. A large agency usually means a wider range of clients, great if you like to switch directions with each project. You’re also more likely to work amongst a team of other designers and have very little input into the other aspects of a project or strategy.

You can also typically expect a more active company culture, with bigger and more diverse team outings and activities. If you’re a people person who loves to be around others, you’re likely to fit in at a larger agency.

While a smaller agency means a smaller team, this is perfect for web designers who prefer to work alongside a more modest number of employees that you can get to know and feel genuinely comfortable with.

Another advantage is that in a smaller agency setting, you’ll often be involved in a project from start to finish and may have direct contact with the client. Your input is more likely to be valued, even if it’s regarding an aspect of the project that isn’t web design related. Working this way can be great for expanding your skillset, as you’ll get a front-row seat to every stage, from initial client meeting to website launch. Understanding how every aspect of the process works can make you a more intuitive and creative web designer.

Visit The Difference between Small and Large Web Design Agencies to learn more.

While less of a consideration than it would have been a few years ago, location should still be considered. While many agencies now offer flexible/home working to their employees, it’s good to be able to drop into the office from time to time and to be able to cultivate a face-to-face relationship with your colleagues. Zoom and Slack can only get you so far!

If you end up working at an office within travel distance of home, you’ll also get to attend any staff events — great for getting to know the team outside of a work environment.

All this being said, working at an agency that does offer remote or flexible working can be the key to improved well-being. According to a recent study, more than three-quarters (78%) of those who worked from home in some capacity said that being able to work from home gave them an improved work-life balance. Half reported it was quicker to complete work (52%) and that they had fewer distractions (53%).

Flexible working also means you can rest easy knowing you won’t spend half of your life stuck in rush hour traffic, eating a sad lunch at your desk, or making small talk with that one colleague whose name you just can’t quite recall.

Shape April 2022 HR 174

Image source: MadeByShape

If you’re thinking about starting a career in the web design industry then keeping an eye on any one of these agencies is a great way to stay inspired, and to get a feel for the kind of projects you can expect to be taking on once you’re in a working role.

If you’re a total beginner or segueing from an unrelated role, read our articles Is Web Design a Good Career and What Qualifications do you need to become a Web Designer? to help you decide whether to make the leap and what you’ll need to do (and learn) to get there.

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