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Ella Dawson: New Brand Designer at MadeByShape

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Updated on 26 Mar 2024

Hello! I’m Ella and I’m the newest addition to the Shape team. I started my new role as Brand Designer during lockdown working remotely with the team. From a fresh design grad to working life, I've been learning new things every day and enhancing my skill set from working with real clients to helping Shape grow. I'm very lucky to now be a part of an incredibly talented and super friendly team.

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What is my background?

I have always known that I wanted to work in the design industry after undertaking at Art Foundation course at Manchester School of Art. I'd taught myself basic skills and began to pick up new ideas and concepts along the way. Once I began studying, I was keen to get into working life so much so that I chose against University and enrolled at Shillington. It seemed like a no brainer to me which turned out to be the best experience that set me up with industry-standard skills!

Nearing the end of my course at Shillington, lockdown was put in place, and I thought this would put a halt to my job hunting. Just about everyone was working from home and nearly 70% of the creative/arts industry were furloughed - so after graduating, I started freelancing. Instead of sending a batch load of emails to my favourite agencies for job opportunities, I started to push my work out there for people to see. And lo and behold, Andy saw it!

I'd be following Shapes work for some time so it was a surprise to see Andy contact me. I'd always wanted a role in a creative environment that would push me and show people what I could really do, not just making tea and answering phone calls. When I initially spoke to Andy, It became apparent this was exactly the right culture for me at Shape. Their relaxed approach and friendly nature was much different from other agencies I'd spoken to, and it really showed.

Initially, I did a freelance project for Shape, which ended up becoming almost like a 'trial' project. This was a chance for me to show off my skills but also gave me a real insight into life at Shape, interacting with clients, taking on board feedback, approach to projects, and more. I guess the guys at Shape liked it, and now I'm here!

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What will my role consist of?

Since starting at Shape and taking on a new position of Brand Designer within the team, the thoughts I had of being extremely fortunate to be apart of this incredible agency have just been reinforced. The team really are amazing, and bloody good at what they do. Since starting just three short weeks ago, I've worked on a multitude of branding projects, from big to small, corporate to eCommerce, the list goes on. Some of my favourites I've worked on are Njorun and co&co. It's pretty cool doing something you absolutely love for a living.

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Shape wanted to expand their services to offer Branding. MadeByShape isn't a 'full-service' agency, and they don't want to be. But now, having a branding service will enhance their portfolio of work and bring on new clients. I'll be working with clients to improve their branding and strategy which brings a whole project together, particularly with start-ups that come to Shape with just an idea. We take it from there.

"Ella will join the team as a Brand Designer, helping clients achieve their goals in improved brand strategy. Working with our team of Designers, Web Developers and our SEO team as well as direct clients, Ella will improve our workflow and reduce the job lists for individuals as we get busier and grow as a team. Ella will manage some clients directly, as well as working alongside myself on global accounts. Ella's eye for detail, approach to strategy, and understanding of a brief are all exceptional. In terms of communication, it's bob on. She has a steady head on her shoulders and I am certain she can handle client communication and explain our strategies. I am confident Ella will gel with our current team and bring that injection of youth that's always a breathe of fresh air. It was also important to hire an individual who has the same career goals and objectives, and to also understanding the meaning of 'why' we work in the way we do - Ella is all on board with this and I can't wait to work alongside her." - Andy Golpys, Co-Founder

Other roles for me will include making creative content for Shape and also finding ways to develop the business further to make Shape the best it can be. Shape is the perfect place to be constantly learning and developing new skills, which is exactly what I was looking for in a workplace. I'll be getting stuck into some juicy projects and working with real clients to make their vision become a reality.

I am extremely grateful to Andy, Jason, and the rest of the MadeByShape team for giving me this opportunity and I am so excited to see what the future holds for me at Shape!

If you'd like to arrange a chat, don't hesitate - I don't bite. My email is: ella@madebyshape.co.uk

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Hiya, I'm Ella. Brand designer and serial burrito consumer at MadeByShape.