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Craft CMS: Some Statistics You Might Want To Know

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Updated on 02 Apr 2024

We’ve found that Craft CMS is the most reliable way to build a website. It allows you to take full control over your website content and layout. This content management system has gained significant attention in the web development community. Crafted with a focus on flexibility and scalability, it offers amazing features tailored for businesses and organisations of all sizes. At Shape, as a specialist Craft CMS Agency, our team can create an SEO-friendly website your competitors wish they had 😉.

Let's explore key statistics and insights that shed light on Craft CMS's influence and performance in the digital landscape

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Craft CMS: User Base and Market Share Statistics

Craft CMS has a Growing User Base.

With its user-friendly interface and customisable options, Craft CMS has attracted a growing user base. As of 2023, in terms of Craft CMS usage, data shows there are over 93k Craft customers that are utilising Craft CMS services. Among these, 43,108 websites are live and are actively using its features and functionality, and there are 50,058 additional websites that have a history with Craft CMS. This increasing adoption signifies the platform's ability to cater to a diverse range of website development needs.

Significantly Lower User Base Compared to Competitor Platforms Like WordPress.

Craft CMS has a market share of 0.2% of all known websites whereas WordPress is used by 41.3% of websites. Craft CMS is often considered a more niche and specialised platform compared to WordPress. That said, we can’t ignore that WordPress has a significantly larger user base and broader market adoption. While Craft CMS has its own dedicated following (and we’re working on growing it), it may not be as widely recognised or used as WordPress, which remains one of the most popular and widely adopted content management systems globally. There are pros and cons to both content management systems but in our opinion, Craft CMS takes the win.

There are 5,985 Live Craft CMS UK Sites

The significant presence of 5,985 live Craft CMS websites in the UK underscores the platform's widespread adoption and effectiveness within the British digital landscape. This strong foothold signifies Craft CMS's appeal and utility for many businesses and solidifies its position as a trusted and reliable content management system within the region.

Craft CMS: Security and Reliability

Craft CMS is Positioned as More Secure and Reliable Than WordPress.

Security and reliability are a priority for Craft CMS, the platform provides a safe and stable environment for businesses to manage their content and data. Its security measures and frequent updates contribute to building trust among users, making it a valuable option for anyone seeking a secure content management solution. Reports found that WordPress powered 90% of hacked websites in 2019. The vulnerabilities introduced by third-party plugins were responsible for the majority of these hacks. It makes sense to compare Craft CMS with WordPress since it is the biggest competitor. You’ll find that the risk of hacking is much lower with Craft CMS.

Trusted By Top Global Brands

Craft CMS is highly valued and trusted by both companies and agencies. Many companies are using Craft CMS and trust in the platform – we're talking about the likes of Netflix, Adidas, and IKEA. With numerous websites operating on Craft, including over 1,500 among the most popular million sites, you'll be part of a reputable group on Craft. It’s recognised as the top CMS for small and medium businesses and a leading alternative to WordPress. You’ll find it's supported by a broad global network of partners and favoured by leading digital agencies worldwide … like Shape.

Flexible Customisation Options for Unique Brand Identity.

Craft CMS provides a wide array of customisation options, allowing businesses to create unique and tailored online experiences. There are no limitations on how much content you can have on your site. Crafting a blog with Craft CMS can be a pivotal step in establishing a distinct and memorable brand identity, enabling businesses to engage their audience with compelling content and visuals. With many opportunities for Craft CMS plugin developments and modules available, users can personalise their websites with the option to create a multilingual site for accessibility. There are tons of Craft CMS plugins to choose from. With Craft CMS you can enhance functionality, and meet specific business requirements hence its reputation for adaptability and customisation.

Multi-Channel Content Delivery.

The platform enables seamless multi-channel content delivery, empowering businesses to distribute content across various digital channels, including websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms. This feature facilitates an integrated content strategy, enhancing brand visibility and engagement across different online touchpoints. Craft CMS doesn’t come with store functionality but can be easily integrated with third-party eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify or Craft Commerce. Craft Commerce might be your ultimate solution for your online store as it provides businesses with a customizable platform to manage online transactions, streamline the shopping experience, and drive e-commerce growth. Shape offers both Shopify and Craft Commerce options. It also offers multi-site capabilities.

Significant Developer Community and Support.

Total of 212 Partners with Craft CMS.

So why do developers choose Craft CMS? Craft CMS has cultivated a strong developer community that actively contributes to the platform's growth and improvement. Craft CMS has 212 partners with 150+ sites created using it. With an extensive support network, including forums, documentation, and tutorials, users can access resources and assistance to maximise the potential of the CMS, fostering a collaborative and supportive ecosystem for developers and users alike.

Over 5K Discord Accounts Using Craft CMS

Craft CMS has found significant use in various online communities and platforms, including Discord, a popular communication and community platform. With over 5,000 Discord accounts reported to be actively using Craft CMS, it demonstrates the platform's versatility and adaptability beyond traditional website development.

Craft CMS: User Experience and Performance.

Building an accessible website with Craft CMS has never been easier. The platform prioritises user experience and performance optimization and boosts performance with its eager loading features and seamless navigation for website visitors. Its intuitive interface and efficient content management tools enable businesses to create engaging digital experiences, enhancing user satisfaction and retention.

Craft CMS is a Powerful and Reliable Platform for Speed.

A priority for Craft is speed and performance, which is another reason why we favour this platform at Shape. We all know that Google hates slow-loading websites and research shows that bounce rates increase up to 32% when the page load time changes from 1 second to 3 seconds. If it advances to 10 seconds, it increases this bounce probability further to 123%. Don’t underestimate the importance of page load times. You could sacrifice sales, and leads and will reduce other KPIs like conversion rates and click-through rates.


Craft CMS has emerged as a powerful and reliable platform for website development, offering full control over content and layout. Although data specific to Craft CMS is somewhat limited due to its evolving nature, its growing user base and increasing adoption indicate a positive trend for the platform's future. While Craft CMS may not yet boast the same widespread usage as competitors like WordPress, its emphasis on security, flexibility, and user experience sets it apart in the market. With a dedicated developer community and support network, Craft CMS continues to garner trust from top global brands and businesses seeking a secure and customisable content management solution. As the platform continues to evolve, its focus on speed and performance positions it as a viable option for businesses looking to create engaging and efficient online experiences.

Take a look at our work with Craft CMS and get in touch with us if you like what you see. For more on Craft CMS, visit our Craft CMS resource site

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