Client Communication

We understand that every client is different, some want to be involved as much as possible - some stand back and let us take the lead.

Our studio is always open to arrange face to face meetings, meeting at a convenient location for them, or communicating via email and phone. The main point is that the client always understand our process and gets updates through each project. We consistently engage with the client to sign off in small stages so that the project never goes down the wrong path.

Mike smiles as Tom questions a wireframe

The client can always contact the Project Manager, Founder, Designer and/or Developer at any stage in the project. This provides trust, with a clear understanding of the project, and are able to ask questions with quick answers.

Our process

  • Stage 1. Shape would send the client web references to give an idea of direction so that both parties were on the same page in terms of styling.
  • Stage 2. Once the client is happy with the direction of the project, Shape would then start to design a concept based off those references.
  • Stage 3. Once the design has been signed off by the client, Shape would then start to build the website front-end then wrap it around the CMS.
  • Stage 4. Once the website has been built, it is now ready for the content to be inserted.
  • Stage 5. Once all content has been inputted, Shape will then do a final set of tests and de-bugging on various browsers for compatibility before launch.
  • Stage 6. Launch the site.

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