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What's your job role at MadeByShape?

I am the content writer and strategist for Shape. I work with the team to create informative and entertaining articles for their clients as well as for the studio directly. It's great combining my love for copywriting with the ability to understand the demographics of our clients and research exactly what is relevant to them.

What do you like most about working at MadeByShape?

Without question the culture and environment.

It's rare to find a team that have loads in common yet challenge and teach each other too. The office vibe is extremely chilled yet we all just get shit done because we love what we do, and strive to provide our clients with cool websites, that fulfil their needs and more.

As for the environment... I mean have you seen the uber hipster astroturf wall? I rest my case.

Please can you tell us more about your background and experience.

I have worked in marketing for almost a decade, both in-house and within agencies so have a really varied skillset which I like to utilise in the roles I do. Whether it's social media, PR, events management, client relationship building, branding or content strategy I've done it all and genuinely LOVE the industry so can't ever see myself doing anything else.

How did you first meet Andy, Co-Founder?

Randomly, I met with Andy when I was employed by a PR agency who wanted a total rebrand, website included. His laid back attitude (and clothing choices!) was really refreshing to see, and he completely understood the brief from the word go.

Some advice on Andy...don't misread his confidence for arrogance, he's just very comfortable in knowing what his team is capable of, and unlike many other business owners will never beg or appear desperate for a project. Quite rightly, he wants clients that choose Shape because of similar mindset, not just the price.

Why are Shape different to other digital agencies?

As I mentioned before, Andy and Jason have shaped (pun intended) a team that are all totally committed too ambitious, functional yet gorgeous looking websites but create them in a very chilled, calm way. They are a great bunch to be around and communicate well yet never seem frenetic in their work. I guess you could say they're a bevy of swans, they look calm and graceful on the surface but under the water they are paddling away working hard, making the gracefulness look easy.

From the outset the communication you can expect is second to none and the guys will listen to what you think you want and then gently tell you what you actually need to best represent your brand, service or product. They don't bullshit, or just smile and nod if they disagree with you, like you'll get at other agencies, but you will finish the project with a high quality site, that is unique and your customers will love. Not many agencies can guarantee that.

You're a dog lover, tell us more.

Totally, I want a house full.

Currently I have a nearly 2 year old sassy Cockapoo called Flo who will do absolutely anything for cheese and a 7 month old cheeky Cocker Spaniel called Ralphie who loves nothing more than bringing stones and snails he found in the garden into his bed.

Why should clients choose to work with MadeByShape?

Friendly & knowledgable team...tick.

Build amazing websites...tick.

Treat your business like their own...tick.

Astroturf wall...tick.

What more do you need?

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