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Why are you building your own website?

Would You Build Your Own House?

No? So, why are you building your own website? You might think that’s quite a dramatic statement. After all, very few people find themselves in a position where building their own house is even a viable option. But let’s just imagine for a moment that it is…

Why is our concept conversion rate so high?

Here at Shape we set the bar high in terms of work output, and look to create awesome relationships with every client from the get go. But why is our web design concept rate so high? Let's take a look at some elements of the process...

Web Design trends : 2017

Each year Web Design changes and adapts to whats current and this year is no different. Check out what we have seen as the latest trends for 2017

How Important is Your Workspace to Creativity & Productivity?

Whether you’re plugging away at home, furiously typing in an office, or scribbling in a design studio, the space in which you work is crucial when it comes to being both creative and productive. To be at your best, your workspace should be all at once a sanctuary and a source of constant inspiration. It has to be a place you want to be.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Website

3 - 4 years is a long time in web design. In fact, it’s about enough time for new standards, practices, and technologies to emerge. So, with that in mind, if you’re sitting on a website developed pre-2012, it could be time to think about a refresh. And yes, we know, it might look just fine. But sometimes it’s the parts that you can’t see that need the most TLC.

9 Not-to-be-missed Design Events in 2017

Be inspired this year and mix with some of the finest creatives in the business. 

Here are 9 of the most unmissable design events across the UK (and beyond) in 2017:

2017 Formula 1 Car Designs

Over the last week social media has been buzzing over Formula 1. With the 2017 season coming up, all the teams have been revealing their new cars and this has had me and Jason a tad excited. With new cars comes new designs and new livery and being handy at design, this is pretty important to me! As the week has gone on, each day a number of teams have had scheduled release dates to ensure they all get a bit of time in the spotlight. So let’s start at day 1.

Off to a flyer in 2017… What I’ve been upto

After having a relatively steady December after we decided to get all of our work done before the new year, 2017 has got off to a flyer.. With a mix of new clients and existing clients wanting things re-designing I have had a busy few weeks and I must admit, I absolutely love it. There is nothing better than getting my hands on a brand new website. I love the creativity and process which comes from starting a new design. Here is a short list of designs I have done since the new year.. 

7 of the best websites that use Illustration and Animation

Websites can often be missuse illustraions and animations and their sites soon become cluttered. So I've found 7 of what I believe to be the best websites that use illustration and animation to add that extra something.

A Few Thoughts on Juventus’ Brand New Identity

What can you say about the Old Lady of Italian football? She’s been through the wringer a few times over the last decade, but she’s always bounced back. And now, it seems, Juventus has its sights firmly set on transcending the world of football with a new, minimalist, badge design.

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