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Our favourite Craft CMS 2 plugins

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Updated on 02 Apr 2024

When we get a fresh smelling new project at Shape, that requires Craft CMS to be installed, we like to have a go-to ‘build’. Over the years we’ve enhanced a basic Craft build by doing such things as adjusting the config files, adding in predefined asset upload folders and also a base folder structure in our templates so we can rapidly develop.

We pull this down from our Github and start with it on every project.

But, we also have a select few plugins that we love and use on every project, so heres that list:


Restricting the client from accessing certain plugins that are installed is important for us. We don’t want them looking in places we don’t want them in! So CPNav covers this, allowing us to remove things from the CMS navigation - But we can also add to it such as external links etc.


Sprout SEO

Although not in every build (Budget depending) Sprout SEO sorts out the SEO work for all the entries and sections. What we love about this plugin is you can define a ‘default’ set of Meta & Social data that is applied to sections you choose. But then this can be overwritten within each entry. 

It also comes with a 301/301 redirect option and auto XML sitemap builder, so its like 3 plugins in 1!



This plugin is like a multitool - It has many features that are very useful when developing a production site in Craft CMS. From easy SSL integration to allowing you to turn off the website (And CMS) whilst updates are pushing and display a ‘maintenance’ message.

Another great point is this is all controlled via the general.php config file, meaning you can change the settings depending on your environment.


Super Table

I can’t think of a website we’ve developed that didn’t use a Super Table field within it - Amazing. It’s similar to the ‘table’ field which comes with Craft CMS but it allows you to use ANY custom field on the table. You can also add a Matrix inside of it - Yes, think about that! #SuperTableMatrixInception.



This little nifty plugin allows you to hide and show fields in your sections, depending on another fields value! Combining this with Craft CMS entry types, you can really make the views customisable for your clients and publish pages a lot less cluttered.


LJ Dynamic Fields

You’ve probably come across this situation before… You’ve got a massive list of options you need as a dropdown field in your section. It’s going to take you a while to enter these in, but wait - You also need to use these options in another field inside a Matrix! DOH.

Well, this saves your ass by allowing you to specify a TWIG template in the field! Pulling through a JSON array which you can apply to any field. Clever.



So that's our list of regularly used plugins - What's yours? Or your favourite ones? Let us know!

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