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Keep Your Website Brief Away from Marketing Agencies

Keep Your Website Brief Away From Marketing Agencies
Updated on 10 Mar 2024

Now, before we get into this, we are not out to sling mud at every single marketing agency on the planet.

There are many out there - in Manchester, and beyond - who work wonders with their clients.

Whether they offer SEO, PPC, PR, social media marketing, or good old fashioned print, they know what they’re good at, and they consistently deliver.

But when it comes to marketing agencies who slap together a template site at a premium price, well, the gloves are off.

Your website is the online shop window to your business. And just as you wouldn’t let anyone other than a professional builder, architect, or interior designer mess around with a brick and mortar shop, you should not place your site in the hands of a company that offers web design as merely an “add-on” service.

First Impressions Count

That very first impression when a prospective customer clicks through to your homepage (or any other page for that matter) is far too important.

You need - nay, deserve - a website befitting of your brand. One that captures the personality behind your business, and has been designed to specifically overcome its challenges.

And sadly many marketing agencies - particularly the ones that style themselves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for digital services - are sorely lacking in the design chops and technical nous to deliver precisely what you need.

They are too reliant on hacking together boring template sites, which will only leave you with a website that doesn’t quite look right, doesn’t quite work as intended, and that cost far, far too much.

A Deeper Level of Thinking

There’s also a helluva lot more to designing a website than simply dragging and dropping a few widgets, uploading a logo, and pointing it at a URL.

Websites that work - meaning, websites that generate traffic and sales - are typically the culmination of a deeper level of thinking beyond deciding which picture goes where.

Elements such as UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design, responsive design, technical SEO (search engine optimisation), information architecture, conversion optimisation, and future proof development are all often overlooked (or not even considered in the first place) when a template site is being cobbled together.

Masters of None

Not to labour this point too much, but you really must be wary of agencies that ‘specialise’ in everything. Jack of all trades, and all that.

There’s a reason why our services are exclusively related to design and development. It’s what we do best.

And unless you’re dealing with a multinational marketing agency that can feasibly afford to staff their web design department with experts, then you’re setting yourself up for a fall.

Design trends are constantly changing and development standards are always evolving. If a marketing agency is busy trying to keep their fingers on the pulse of social, search, and pay-per-click advertising, how can you expect them to realistically stay on top of design and development too?

If you really want to see your business flourish online, you need a website built by a specialist. And we’re ready for your call.

Hiya, I'm Mike - Web designer at Shape. My articles usually consist of design related stuff.