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Adam Ascroft

Adam Ascroft

Updated on 12 Nov 2018 ・ 1 min read

Your website in comic sans

For this blog I decided why not have a little bit of fun and change the fonts on a few websites to the infamous 'Comic Sans', why? because its the font everyone loves to hate and I thought well why not give it a chance and see if it has some hidden potential as the best webfont of all time, that I can leave up to you to decide.

Now, I've not just picked any random websites, I've picked the sites that I feel use typography really well to help to showcase there website, and in doing this helps to show the contrast and differences in the fonts.

1. Netflix



2. National Geographic :  A bears eye view


3. Techstyle


4. Epicurrence - No3

5.  MadeByShape

It would be rude not to include our own site on the list, so here it is.


One great thing I've noticed is that even though the fonts have changed on these sites the designs have adapted and still look great, but as for all websites the typography plays a very imporant part, in setting the overall tone and feel which I feel comic sans doesnt do.

If your interested in doing this yourself but your not sure how to manipulate the code, there are sites to help you get around this.

Comic Sans Machine
Happpy It!

Let us know what your site looks like in Comic Sans

Adam Ascroft
Written by Adam Ascroft in Web Design
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Let's make something great together.

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