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Work Experience at Shape

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Work Experience at Shape

It's been a long time since we had a student in for some studio work experience. So we're opening up the opportunity again to look for some more talented creatives to come into our studio and sit opposite Jamie and his lovely face.

The placements will be for a minimum of 2 weeks over February / March.

We are currently looking for:


**Developer / Designer**

Ideally we would like someone with HTML / CSS and jQuery knowledge. That also has an understanding of digital design. You will work closely with the lead developer on live studio projects.



Somebody who is comfortable working individually and with a team of designers. Fast fingers is something we like, and ability to use a tablet would be preferred but not mandatory.

Please could you send your portfolio / pdf to with the subject as your favourite shape (Nothing else!)

(Please note we are a digital studio. So if you are looking for predominantly print experience, then you won't benefit in our studio)

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