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Work Experience at Shape: Yasmine Woods

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Updated on 25 Oct 2021

Work Experience

Here at Shape, we welcome Work Experience for people passionate about design, code, digital, you name it, to help develop and nurture the newest talent on the block. Recently, we welcomed Graphic Design Student, Yasmine, to join our Team for a few weeks working remotely. With an exciting brief to work on, Yasmine wanted to utilise her digital illustration techniques and apply this in a brief setting.

We caught up with Yasmine to ask her about her experience at Shape...

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Yasmine: I am a student from Birmingham, starting my third year of Graphic and Communication Design at the University of Leeds. I am passionate about art and create digital illustrations in my spare time which I upload to my Instagram. (@yw.artwork)

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How did you hear about Shape?

Yasmine: I found Shape through their website whilst looking for a placement based in Manchester.

Why did you want to work with Shape?

Yasmine: The main thing that stood out to me was the down to earth atmosphere projected through the overall website and blogs. Everyone that works there seems to be really passionate about what they do, which can definitely be seen through their work.

What project did you work on?

Yasmine: My brief was to create a social campaign for a made-up company called “Colby”, for their summer collection using digital illustrations. The company were marketed to be a women’s fashion label, specialising in streetwear aimed at a young audience

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How did you find doing work experience remotely?

Yasmine: Doing this experience remotely definitely felt unusual. Not really being able to properly meet or communicate in person with the people I was working with would definitely not have been my first choice of working. However, the way my work experience was structured worked really well, I was given a list of deadlines to meet and Ella and Andy were really helpful in giving constructive feedback each time, on and in-between each of the deadlines. Working remotely also was a lot more flexible, meaning I could continue my summer job at the same time. I definitely recognise that it made it possible in the first place to complete work experience with them, despite being in a completely different city!

What was one thing you learned at Shape that stuck with you?

Yasmine: They really showed me how possible it is for me to integrate my art into my design work and is definitely something I would like to continue doing as I go into my final year and beyond.

Was work experience at Shape what you expected?

Yasmine: Better, my work experience has definitely taught me a lot, I now feel a lot more confident of what I want to do going into my third year. It has really grown my confidence in my art and am extremely proud of the final product.

Would you recommend work experience at Shape to anyone else?

Yasmine: Definitely! Although being remote I have still learned valuable skills which are really going to help me, and I really appreciate the time they have taken to work with me.

From us at Shape

It was lovely having Yasmine join us at Shape and we wish her the best of luck with her future career in the creative industries, wherever it may take her.

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