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Why We Love InVision

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Updated on 10 Mar 2024

With a new year comes a new way of sharing our designs with our clients, We have decided to start using a website called InVision. The theory is simple, upload our designs, share with the client and they can leave notes/feedback for us to edit the designs. This is a whole new way of getting from initial design to final concept which the client loves.

As a Designer, I am always looking for tools or services which can help me get my job done, rom things like Dribbble, and Behance, to things like Craft and Invision.
Each tool I use helps to simply make my life as a Designer easier, although each on it’s own only gives me a small benefit.. add them all together and they give me important resources which add up to a big deal.

Before Invision it seemed to be a long process getting from design to final connect. Which involves lots of emails back and forth, with the client having to explain where and what they want changing. With the simple note tool on InVision, the client can add a pin to the section they want to edit, leave a note and we will know exactly what part of the design they are talking about.

InVision is full of nifty features which only adds to its flexibility and worth for us. As a busy Manchester Design Agency we have lots of clients, who are at different stages in the design stage.

Invision allows us to Archive older designs so that we can keep their ‘board’ up-to-date with the latest designs, thus avoiding confusion of mixing up which designs are the more recent ones.

When sharing work to a client we can password protect the project, once sent, the client will recieve a link to their 'board' which contains only their project.

We can add wireframes if this is what direction the client wants to start from, add pdf’s, psd’s or jpegs depending on what file type I need to add. Shape have a team page which shows all of the work we have done so we can freely move in and out of projects depending on our workload.

The best thing about the whole site, other than its basic function, is the lack of effort involved in uploading a project. It only takes one click which takes you to the upload page, from there you can either choose to find the folder you want to upload work from or simply drag and drop the relevant files into the browser window.

The designs can be uploaded in minutes and ready to share straight away, there is no need to wait for them to upload to a server, they are accessible to the client as soon as they are uploaded.

There is literally no downsides to the whole website, or atleast I have struggled to find one yet!

As with any worth while tool like Invision, it comes at a cost. There are flexible monthly plans with different add-ons and limitations, but I think the App pays for itself through the usability and simplicity. I personally love the whole idea of Invision, it’s a tool which I have managed without for so long, but now I have experienced its simplicity, accuracy and worth, I would struggle to live without it. It is really that good!

Each small feature only adds to its worth, the design, simplicity, and usability is second-to-none. If you have not seen InVision yet I would go check it out.

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