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Why I enjoy working at MadeByShape

Mike smiles as Tom questions a wireframe
Caution! This article is 6 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Since joining Shape just over 3 years ago as a Graduate from Salford University, There have been a lot of up’s and downs filled with deadlines, client meetings, laughter, and of course a lot of fun. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Let me give you a small insight into what it’s like to work at Shape, why I love it and the things I get up to.


First things first, the work I get up to.. I have had the privilege to work with some pretty interesting clients at Shape, from big business’ to start ups, I’ve worked on them all. As Shape are a full service digital agency, I tend to work from start to finish on most projects, ranging from Illustration and print based projects to Website User Interface, User Experience and Graphic Design.


Throughout my time at Shape, I have been lucky enough to work with a variety of clients from multiple different markets.. this keeps things interesting, fresh and exciting. Every job if unique to that client and has it’s own requirements which from a ui/ux  point of view is brilliant. This is exactly the reason I chose this career path, I come to work on a daily basis not knowing what challenges lie ahead, it’s fantastic!
Some of my favourite projects are:

Inside-Out Contracts

InsideOut has been supplying contract furniture to businesses since 1999, and during that time have built up a diverse and enviable client base. Working to a simple ethos which is to create exceptional products delivered with exceptional customer service.

Insideout 1
Insideout 2
Insideout 3

Rachel Bates Interiors

An interior designer which products created are a celebration of amazing collaborations between herself and leading luxury brands, with collections and brands that are exclusive to her online boutique. 

Rachel Bates Responsive

RoseBud Preserves

Since 1989 Rosebud have created preserves with the simplest of ingredients, generous quantities and intense natural flavours.

Rosebud Responsive

Plough at Lupton

Since 2014 the Ploughs goal has been simple - serve great food and drink in a comfortable and stylish environment with the added advantage of beautiful bedrooms to relax in. Their ethos is simple "we want everyone to leave happy, and we’ll do our absolute best to make it happen"

Plough At Lupton 1

Tour Motorhomes

Tour Motorhome Hire has 6 luxury motorhomes for hire in the North of England. Conveniently situated close to Manchester Airport, Manchester Piccadilly Train Station and the major motorway networks.

Tour Home
Tour Mobile Home
Tour Mobile Home 2


The studio environment is pretty unique, the only way to describe it would to be perfect. It’s very laid-back, easy to work with and we often share a laugh and joke with each other between jobs. Dinner is spend playing card games with countless rambling about our personal lives.. time flies here and the days go so quick, we all have the same desire to create the best that we can and strive to make MadeByShape one of the best agencies in the North West... there’s a sort of family feel to the studio, it’s great.

Shape 2


The Location of a Web Design Agency is possibly one of the most under appreciated things in my opinion. I have quite a few friends who work for Agencies in town centres, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and there seems to be a common trend amongst them all, the hassle and time it takes to travel to and from work. Most of my friends have to get up at 6am just to get to work for 9, which adds to the stress and fatigue for the day. This sort of regimen is not good for anyone in the Design world, we are here to be creative, to come up with unique ways to sell or advertise brands or products... so to have this huge burden upon our shoulders even before we walk through the front door in the morning, for me is something I am so glad I don’t have. I live a short 20 minute drive or ride away and there is relatively no traffic.

Shape 2018 Lr 34


There is a somewhat individual, personal touch here at Shape, due to the size of the studio, we’re not only colleagues but good friends, we often spend time outside of work not only drinking but doing other activities. Tom, Jason and myself are very active cyclists and often spend countless miles chatting and generally enjoying each others company.
There is no real ‘boss’ here at Shape, yes.. Andy and Jason own the business but there’s no ‘I’m your boss, you do what I say’ type of feel.. it’s more like we're a bunch of friends with the same goal, to create the best work we can for our clients.

Shape 2018 Lr 96
Shape 2018 Lr 110
Shape 2018 Lr 115
Shape 2018 Lr 125

Hiya, I'm Mike - Web designer at Shape. My articles usually consist of design related stuff.