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Welcome 2011

Caution! This article is 13 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

OK, here is our little insider info blog report for 2011....

2011 is 'shaped' up to be a fantastic year, the studio sealing clients with the likes of Selfridges, Debenhams, People Flow, Salford University, SpaRitual and Vencuro International. There's more to come from us in terms of Web Design, expect to see new styles both aesthetically and functionally, both online and on hand-held devices such as iPads and iPhones. People may not know, but we do also produce printed work on a regular basis too, we're not just web designers - we're creatives producing brand identities, posters, stationery, flyers, booklets, catalogues.... jewellery boxes, clothing etc.

We aim to win more awards, be featured in more online and offline publications, pitch for more work, meet more people, collaborate with talented creatives, provide awesome websites for small businesses as well as large, document our work more, get a new studio, maintain our track record of delivering excellent customer service, teach andy some seo techniques, help jamie grow, make jason's spelling impeccable, and more importantly - keep our current clients very happy.

As you all know, India Hobson also joined the team last year, who is a very very very talented photographer, we need to take advantage of this by offering better services and packages for photography.

Shape Design Studio Manchester have also vowed to work for at least 2 charities this year, as doing good deeds may return something good in return.

Watch this space..... well this online space, as well as our new design studio space 'coming 2011'.


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