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Web Design Agency roles explained

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Caution! This article is 4 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

So you’re about to graduate from University on your design course… and you’re wondering where you’ll end up in your first venture in the design world?

Whether you’re going big and applying for a large global studio, or a small studio… maybe you’re thinking of applying to become an in-house designer or even a freelancer. The possibilities are vast, and can seem a bit daunting at first. What you’ll find is you’ll come across a number people working different roles within their studio and you may wonder what they’re all doing.

We’ve all been there, done that and got the t-shirt so we thought it would be helpful to create a little list, which outlines all of the job roles in a design studio.

Account Director/Manager

This is the person who is the link between the studio and the client, they are most probably the one which the client would see in their initial meetings when they are thinking of using your studio as their creative partner, they are the ones which the client would contact if they needed any questions answering, in a way they are the face of the company.They are responsible for:Leading a team to provide the best client service Promoting the expansion of the studio with existing clients Working with other senior managers to generate clients Using their skills to push clients, and the agency, creatively and strategically.

“They work with deadlines on a daily basis, and they do not like to miss one!”

Art Director

The art director is responsible for all of the studios output, they oversee all of the creative work done within the studio before it reaches the client. Nothing get’s seen by the client without their approval.

“They’re responsible for the final visual look and feel of a creative campaign.”

Creative Director

This person makes sure the overall quality of the final creative work is up to studio standards. They can be known to have a creative mind, and are good at guiding a team of creatives through a project with a keen eye for creative campaign concepts. It is also their responsibility to ensure that the brands values and ethos are displayed in the creative work provided.

“Nothing get's sent to the client without their say so.”

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are the creative ones of the team, it’s their job of creating visual assets that fit the given brief. Their job role is very vast and covers lots of different types of jobs, although they deal mainly in Corporate Branding and Logo design. To be a successful Graphic designer you need to be able to adapt to any given project, be able to digest information and convey that information through various types of medium.

“The role can cover a wide spectrum of different tasks from branding and logo design to some screen based design”

UI/UX Designer

Responsible for everything screen based, they’re tasked with creating visually pleasing websites which not only look good, but what work good. A website is made up of lots of different elements, all carefully crafted to give the user a good experience and to increase conversion rate, The UI/UX designer’s job is do solve complex screen based problems to help the business sell their products or services.

Web Developer

A web Developer is the geek of the studio, the one who knows all the tech and builds the websites and apps which the UX Designer create, they will work closely with the Web designer to build the finished product which will ultimately go live online.

“No code too complicated, they are the true unsung heroes when it comes to creating beautiful digital products”


A highly skilled individual with a keen eye creating scenes and capturing unique shots with the camera, their skills allow them to set up natural looking shots be it in a rigid studio based environment or out in the open world.

“A great photographer knows how to let the image tell the story”


Illustrators product 2D and sometimes 3D drawings that can be used throughout a project. These can be seen across the whole spectrum of mediums I.e advertisements, books, magazines, packaging, greetings cards, newspapers and more.


Every studio has one, known for their creative story telling skills. Their job is to create professional digital videos for marketing and advertising purposes. They will also work closely with the studio Photographer on big projects to make sure the same tone of voice is ensured though all different mediums.


The Marketing specialist is responsible for taking your brand and selling it to the user, they supervise all of the different stages in the project. From logo and packaging design to advertising campaigns and social media posts.

"No project is truly great without a professional piece of marketing"

Brand Strategist

Their aim is to effectively maintain a brands message from the research, analysis and market trends they find.


Highly creative way with words, this person can come up with copy for any given task. They will work closely with the Art Director throughout the design of campaigns to ensure the copy is up to standard and reflects the ideas the designer.

“With a way for words, Copywriters are responsible for coming up with words, slogans and scripts for the studio.”

Content Creator

Similar to the Copywriter, the content creator will create content for a range of different mediums. The difference is the type of mediums at which the Content Creator is creating for, and their job is not limited to just text based content. They can be known to create content for blogs, composing content for social media posts, and also can be known to work closely with the Photographer to take photos for the studio.

Studio Manager

The Studio Manager makes sure everything within the studio runs smoothly by taking care of all the admins — by raising invoices and organising meetings with clients. They will sometimes work alongside the Account Managers to brief the design team on smaller jobs.

“They are known as the “Mother Hen’ of the studio.”


Of course, these are only examples of job roles you may notice when venturing into your first job in a design studio. 

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