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We are one

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Well.... We've survived our first year in the Design Industry as a studio. Even though Jason and Andy have been doing this design stuff for over 6 years now, the past 12 months can easily be claimed as the most exciting / promising year to date. We've secured big name clients such as Morson International, The University of Salford, SpaRitual, and the Front of House Organisation. Also producing work for the likes of Selfridges, Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, and NSI.

We'd like to thank all of [our clients]( to date for making it a very successful year, and look forward to working on the upcoming projects with new clients. You can also expect to see a few studio projects released in 2011, something which we think is important to produce whilst working for others, is to create your own brief and be as creative as you like, pushing the boundaries to make an impact.

[We are now 4 - Jason, Andy, Jamie and India]( And we'd like to invite anyone who wants to celebrate our anniversary, in joining us for a few drinks in Manchester sometime in April / May. 


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Andy Golpys
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