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Top 8 Amazing Apps for College Students

Amazing Apps For College Students
Caution! This article is 6 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Every student in our time admittedly uses an innovative gadget in some way or the other. It could be for pure entertainment whereas others have devised some way to use for them for study. It’s estimated that about 197 billion mobile app downloads happened in 2017. Probably this is the reason that most students are always on their smartphones and it at times seems like they can’t get enough of them. Most of the smartphones that students use run on Android or iOS. There are millions of apps that have been developed for these two operating systems - about 2.2 million apps are available on Apple’s app store whereas 2.8 million apps are available in Google Play store. These apps have great utility. They have eased some processes while also being valuable sources of information. If you are a student, here are some eight apps that you shouldn’t live without.


Get a grasp of news and events with feed.ly

If you are the type of student that wants to always be in the know, you should have this app! College life can take a toll on you and render you unable to catch up on news and events. With all those term papers that are due, exams, essays, research projects, or probably a part-time job, you can’t simply have the convenience of keeping tabs with the latest news and events.

Feed.ly can come in handy as it enables you to consolidate all news and events that you’d want to see, into one feed. It is one of the best RSS aggregators that you can find. It gives you notifications as soon as something that might interest you happens.


Solve your math problems with Mathway

For those who would love a little help with their math assignments, Mathway is a must have! Math is one of the subjects that sends shivers through students. The answers to math problems always seem elusive to most students. But this is bound to change when using Mathway. The app guides you step in solving all manner of mathematical problems, be it, algebra, calculus, geometry, integers, etc.

The app has a simple user interface where you just enter a task into the app, and it gives you a solution. You can then compare the given solution to your own solution and compare.


Organize your emails with Mailbox

If you receive a lot of emails, probably work-related, school related, or social ones, your mailbox may at numerous times get messy. Most email apps don’t arrange your emails in an organized manner. It may get worse if the volumes of your emails are high.

Mailbox is an app that can be used to arrange your emails in a coherent and organized way. It sorts them well into different categories and subjects. You may create a folder with a specific subject and have all emails that relate to the subject go there. The app has unique features such as reminders. It also lets you handle a group of emails concurrently. It also updates you throughout the day on the emails that have been received at particular times.


You won’t miss deadlines with Studious

College life, as mentioned earlier, can take a toll on students. A quick survey amongst college students revealed that they always struggle to catch up with deadlines. Most students admitted that they tend to forget them quickly.

Studious is an app that reminds students about deadlines and other commitments. All it takes is entering the details of the engagement such as the date, time, location and specifics, and the app will handle the rest.

Genius Scan

If you need to share documents online; perhaps submitting an assignment to your professor online or sharing it with your classmates, use Genius App. This is a pdf scanner app that allows you to convert your documents to pdf or jpeg. You simply just have to take a picture with the app, and it will handle the conversion. The app has a superior picture taking function than other similar apps. Thus, you are bound to capture marvelous photographs and convert them into clear copies.


A considerable part of your student life in college will involve numerous writing. Be it term papers, research papers, essays, assignments, etc. At times, you may be clueless about what to write, or perhaps you may lack time to write. EliteEssayWriters is a writing service app that can come to your aid in these times. You can count on them for all your custom writing. They boast of having a team of professional writers and editors who work on your write-up with diligence. You are assured of receiving quality work in ample time.

Wise Drinking

Enjoy responsibly with Wise Drinking

If you are the partying kind of student (which most of you are), this app is your best bet for responsible drinking. It assesses your blood alcohol concentration with information such as weight, gender, and your last eaten meal. You are expected to enter this information into the app for it to work. It typically aims to track the number of drinks you’ve had. It lets you know the right time to stop.


Access all your books on Scribd

This app provides you with the needed books for your college courses. It boasts of having a large database of books in virtually all fields. Use the app to find your desired book at the convenience of your smartphone. It lets you also access audiobooks for a better learning experience.


With these apps on your smartphone or tablet, you’re sorted to tackle college life. Download each and every one of them and reap the benefits!

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