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Toms year review - 2013

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Toms year review - 2013

Last year was probably the most important year of my working life so far and I must say, what a year!

Working at Shape, I have been given opportunities to work with some great clients on some very exciting projects. To name a few, I very much enjoyed working on Progress JJ, Pure Klothing and Silver Sixpence. Not only were they fantastic clients to work with, but the I am more than happy with the outcome for all of these sites among others.

As this was my very first year in the industry, it was a huge learning curve for me. A large chunk of the projects I have worked on have been E-Commerce and I now feel that I have a confident understanding not only in designing full E-Commerce websites, but building them into Content Management Systems with a number of bespoke features varying per project.

Seeing as I am still a 'wee baby' in this industry (half way through my final year at University) I not only feel set up for when I finish, but the skills I have picked up have made University a billion times easier! Not only am I more confident in terms of design and development, but working to real deadlines with real people has made my time management skills improve ten fold. Dare I say, university deadlines are a breeze..!

The most important aspect I am most appreciative of at Shape however is how fantastic Andy and Jason have been to take me on, I cannot thank them enough for guiding me into the designer and developer I am now, and for making a fantastic job so much fun as well!

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