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Tallulah Phillips: My first month at MadeByShape

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Updated on 19 Aug 2022

I was looking for an agency where I felt I'd fit in well. They've got a variety of shapes here and there was one that I knew I could slot into perfectly.

Well that’s my first month at Shape nearly done and it’s safe to say I definitely made the right decision to join this really talented bunch of creatives!

It’s been a busy, interesting and really fun start to a new job. As the new account manager and creator of all things fun I’ve got to know and meet quite a lot of the clients already, I’ve got up to speed with most of the projects and started some new ones, I’ve made sure everyone is on track and knows what they are meant to be doing and when, I booked a pub crawl on a canal boat for our first team event out together, gone out for endless lunches and even got the dreaded covid, so yea, I’ve really done it all!

My last role was quite a corporate one, it just wasn’t me, so it’s been so good to get back into the creative world and be a part of a team who are really passionate about what they do. The work produced here shows this and that’s what drew me to Shape in the first place.

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I’m in an environment now where I can do what I do best, organising! Sounds dull to most but I genuinely thrive off it. My calendar and emails are beautifully colour coded/categorised along with the team's project management programme and my google drive is filed to precision. I’ve also got the opportunity to further my skills and develop myself which I always think is important in any position.

The team here is an absolute dream team, with various skill sets and personalities that all mix really well together, everyone has been really welcoming and supportive and I'm super happy to now be a part of it. The studio space is also a space that makes you want to come in too, although not 5 days a week, not sure I can ever go back to 5 days a week in an office again, but it really is a beautiful studio which is testimony to Shapes passion for design.

I am extremely grateful to Andy, Jason and the rest of the MadeByShape team for giving me this opportunity, as well as answering my hundreds of questions a day whilst I learn all things Shape and I am so excited to see what the future holds for me here!

If you'd like to have a chat via email or over a coffee, I’d love to, so please do get in touch, my email is: tallulah@madebyshape.co.uk

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Account Manager at MadeByShape. I make things run smooth.