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Studio Update: Our working environment

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Caution! This article is 4 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Is the studio open now?

The short answer is no. This article will cover our reasons as to why we have not opened up the studio yet for clients to visit, or staff to work from.

Health + Safety

Our studio space is the perfect size for our team, for a chill out area and a separate meeting room - but throw into the mix social distancing and the space isn't big enough. It's not just a case of putting hand sanitisers in the studio and thinking that's job done. So that means, for us to to be safe, we couldn't have all the team in together. So with that in mind....

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We asked the team their opinions

Knowing that we can't all be in the studio, and we'd have to organise a rota of who can be in - and when. The team responded unanimously. Every single person would prefer to work from the studio... but only if we can all be together. They love the environment, separating home life to work life, having gossip, face to face discussions on projects, banter, and social interaction that you just do not get over slack or whatsapp. But knowing that it would only be a few people in at a time, they'd prefer to continue working from home until we find a better solution.

Client Meetings

During lockdown we've arranged phone calls, zoom meetings and communicated over email. This has worked well because everybody in the world has endured lockdown, so they've understood the reasons. And this has continued to work well since Boris said it's fine to go back to work. I also think this will continue forever now, as people see the efficiency and travel benefits of communicating much quicker. However, with that said - some people do prefer face to face meetings. Some clients want to see our studio, they enjoy going to visit the creative space we have. So for those who are wanting face to face meetings, we are opening the studio no problem at all. It just needs to be arranged in advance. I am also starting to meet clients in other environments again such as their office or a convenient half way point. So the face to face meetings are now underway and happening again.

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What happens next?

We continue to discuss the situation and listen to government advice. Although it is safe to go back to work in some instances, it isn't fit for purpose in other cases. So we will continue working from home for the time being but that may change in the coming weeks / months.

Go get yourself a decent mask...

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