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Simple steps to improve your existing website without redesign

Tips To Improve Yourwebiste For Free
Caution! This article is 6 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

If you feel like your website needs a bit of an oomph adding to it but you don’t quite want the costs that come with that then we’ve put together a few ideas on how to alter your already existing website for much cheaper! If you follow these tips your website will be revamped in no time.

Keep the design consistent

A website can be instantly improved if the design is consistent throughout all of the webpages; this includes colour schemes, font sizes, typography and icons. This makes the site more accessible and makes the overall user experience much better. A theme will give a quick and clear impact to the user allowing them to see what your business is all about and will give the best first impressions imminently. The best typography are strong typefaces, it’s usually best to have two styles that occur throughout the site. When it comes to colour, having a bright, saturated colour contrasting against the typical black and white can create a classy, modern design.

Keep it simple

Minimalistic designs are the way forward. Research has showed that white space on a webpage can allow the mind more space to breathe whilst simplifying it. A visually complex website is one that has too many competing elements trying to attract user attention. By minimalizing the features of a website users can focus on the important aspects of your company and achieve the aim of their visit much quicker.

Alter meta data

When it comes to your sites metadata it’s important that it is kept concise and compelling to ensure it catches customers attention and helps increase site traffic. Keyword research will allow you to see what words need to be used to improve the websites SEO through the metadata and optimise the sites rankings.

Improve its written content

The words on your site are just as important as the design in ensuring that users can easily access your company’s aims and achieve their goals when using their website. Your site should be regularly updated with fresh, new content that will grip reader’s attention, this will get customers to return and also works well with search engine optimisation. Regular content is good but lengthy content isn’t, it’s advised to keep pieces of writing on your site to approximately 500 words to keep reader interest and to look better on the page.

Regularly posting on your sites blog will improve it; it not only keeps the site further up to date but gives a forum for your users to interact with a space to comment or share. Having a blog gives your website more links to social media, increasing the sites outreach and more opportunity to catch users attention.

Improve the image content

Your sites image content is just as important. Regularly updated, fresh images provide an altered page for returning users and also keep more content on your site up to date. If you manage to save enough of your budget by following our simple tips then you could use this to get your own photographer. If not, stock images are also a great option!

We hope we’ve showed you how small improvements to your website can make a big impact on your users. As long as your design decisions keep your target audience in mind these small changes can improve user accessibility and usage. Considering all of the above should increase your sites traffic and keep them customers coming back!

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