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Updated on 09 Jul 2021 · less than 1 minute read

Shape featured in .Net Magazine

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Whilst my misses was over looking at other things, I snuck over to WHSmiths to have a sneaky read of the design / development magazines. [.Net]( is a magazine I buy regularly and it ends up on the studio shelves for reference to help with any future projects.

After opening up Issue 233 of [.Net], and flicking a few pages - I came across a feature called "Tell Us a Story" (Written by the kind [Gene Crawford]( - with Shape being featured as one of the sites. The article explains how websites should tell a story from landing on the site. Something we certainly tried to achieve with the redesign.

It was a suprise, because I was unaware we were being featured. Especially along side Square App, Disqus and Workfu. Go grab a copy and flick to page 73!

Thank you .Net!

Written by
Andy Golpys
Co-Founder of MadeByShape. Most of my blogs are about business related aspects, not just web design.

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