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Updated on 09 Jul 2021 · less than 1 minute read

September Preview

OK so we've not updated our online portfolio for quite a while so here is a little preview of what we've been working on recently which mainly involves Web Design and Development, Photography and general Graphic Design.

Individually we've been learning also, Jason has been reading up on and developing his skills in responsive websites which you will see in some of our latest projects that launch next month. Jamie has been battling with content management systems and now has the grasp of both designing and developing sites for user management. And me, Andy, have been improving my whits on social media and how businesses can both improve and get the most from interacting online. I've also joined a networking group, which wasn't to my taste in the early stages - but it has been an eye opener and Shape have profited from being in the group. We've gained work from fellow peers, but more importantly we've now got an increasing number of contacts in our home town - which was the aim of the game..... and we get fed a Carvery .... can't be bad.

There is a LOT to look out for at Shape over the next few months, and i'm not really going to reveal anything, I would just say we are making a massive change behind the scenes and improving the business as a whole. Remember to follow us on Twitter @[madebyshape](

ps. Myself and Jason start teaching back at the University of Salford on the 3rd October - so if any students are reading this...... **BOO !!!** did that scare you ? haha, be aware that we are both expecting big things from this year group, so if you choose the Web Design module.... start your research now.

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Andy Golpys
Co-Founder of MadeByShape. Most of my blogs are about business related aspects, not just web design.

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