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September / October Design & Digital Events in Manchester

Sept Oct Design Events Header
Caution! This article is 7 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Every now and then we try to attend design events or meetup's in Manchester. Unless your in the loop, it can be fairly difficult to see what’s going on in the city. Google tends to show a lot of “Northern” based events that always seem to be elsewhere and out of the city, or somehow you end up looking at events in London! 

So we thought we’d compile a mini list of some of the events that we’re attending, and some we considered:  

Design Manchester

11th - 22nd October 2017

Now in it’s 5th year, Design Manchester is probably the more well known festival that hits Manchester around Septemer / October each year. This year you can attend the Design City Reframed conference, listen to Malcolm Garrett discuss his own collections, check out the Football Index project and listen and discuss the controversial city centre renovations with Gary Neville.


Sept Oct Design Events Design Manchester

Manchester Print Fair

20th - 22nd October 2017

As part of Design Manchester, they are hosting “Design City Weekender” which consists of workshops in screen printing, stop frame animation and fashion design. But our favourite (Since it was hosted at Night & Day Cafe!) is the Manchester Print Fair. Now being housed inside Upper Campfield Market Hall you can check out live artworks, 3 minute portraits and buy nice prints for your bare walls!

Not to mention beer from local brewery - Alphabet Brewing Co.


Sept Oct Design Events Print Fair

Rapha Rides Manchester

7th - 10th September 2017

Not necessarily a design event as such - Rapha Rides hosts a series of events and talks in September / October 2017. Take a ride around Manchester and see the “unseen” parts of Manchester, attend a photography workshop with Leica - Or even take a ride with Sir Brad out of the city.


Sept Oct Design Events Rapha

Manchester Science Festival

19th - 29th October 2017

Hosted at the Museum of Science and Industry comes a 10 day festival to get you engaged in some creativity and science. The biggest part of the festival is “Robots” which explores our obsession with recreating ourselves in human form, and what it truly means to be a human in a robot world. As well as activities to do with all ages such as Scribble Bots and Game Lab which lets you immerse yourself in VR.


Sept Oct Design Events Science Festival


27th September 2017

If your interested in accessability within digital then you definitely need to check out the new meetup - Open. It focuses on making digital accessible, and usable for everyone no matter the culture, disability or context.


Sept Oct Design Events Open

Tech For Good Live

If you would like to listen and discuss how digital could help improve the environment or bring around a social change then you definitely need to check out “Tech For Good Live”. Their events are hosted pretty regularly as well as regular podcasts. Their next upcoming event looks at how you can create an appealing envrionment within Manchester’s rapid and changing growth.


If you know of any other good upcoming design or digital events, post it below in the comments.

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