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Secret Salford Show

Caution! This article is 12 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Last night, myself and Jason attended the Secret Salford Show. The graduate showcase exhibition from Salford University for Design students which was held at [2022 in Northern Quarter](http://www.twentytwentytwo.co.uk/).

Overall, the night was productive - we spoke to a number of students who are now ready for the big bad world, work on show was impressive and the setup was effectively laid out. We received a few free beers which is always good, and seeing old faces adds to the atmosphere. Back to the point, in general, students this year seem to know more about their future than previously. The majority of people I spoke too knew exactly which field of the industry they would like to drive into, and a number of creatives have already secured summer placements or full-time work.

This summer, we will be opening Shape again for a 4 week placement - so anybody interested should keep an eye out on our [Twitter](https://twitter.com/#!/madebyshape) as we will post the vacancy nearer the time.

We've included some images from the event, and a couple of illustrations from Richard Lewis on the night, producing 3 live drawings of myself and Jason.

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