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Scott Dootson - Studio Placement

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Scott Dootson - Studio Placement

So over the past 3 weeks Ive been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work at Shape.The first thing I came to notice is how nice the atmosphere is. Its professional while casual, very relaxed while being super productive.

The Atherton based office is nicely kitted out with the latest equipment and software. The room is crisp and modern making a for great working environment.The lads, Andy, Jason and Tom are all top boys. It's been awesome being around people who love what they do. And I mean really love what they do!It's not uncommon to hear Andy loosing his mind over rollovers he likes the look of, shouting and then getting everyone to gather round to appreciate.Any problems I've had someones always been there to help me out. Jasons helped me no end! A very passionate developer, always willing to lend a hand and share his wealth of experience in the industry.

'It will do' doesn't exist at Shape. Everything's got to be perfect, spot on! I've leant loads about how to keep my code tidy and have my designs clean and crisp. While being taught how to give websites a consistent feel throughout.

The whole team is a credit to the company name and I've been stoked to have had the chance to work along side them.The whole crew is a great mixture of personalities and this makes for an awesome dinner break. Playing worms on the ipad and watching Tom eat fish from a can is the daily procedure. Not to mention Andy's every day struggle not to go to the burger van just down the road.The days go really fast! I think its just down to the fact I enjoy learning web! I've learnt so much over the past few weeks. I now know my weak areas and my strong ones.

There's a great deal of mutual respect in the office and everyones opinion is always valid.

I've done nothing but live projects since I got here! From front end development to the website design itself. Learning how to write code which will be CMS friendly has been a great learning curve.So to conclude I would wish to say a big thanks to Shape for welcoming me into their team for the past few weeks. An experience I'm grateful for and one that will seriously benefit my future in web.

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