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Salford Uni Carnival

Caution! This article is 12 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

So last night was the Salford Uni Carnival at Islington Mill. A great turn out which saw industry professionals and students mingling in a warm environment. Throughout the day portfolio surgeries took place where students could get feedback and crit on their portfolio's from the pro's. After a busy day, we rolled up around 6ish when the party was in full swing. It was good seeing confident students talking to Creative Directors and pushing their work. If you don't ask, you don't get. And some people may also say.... it's who you know, not what you know..... but I won't go into that debate.

Overall, we loved the event, great for students to seek constructive criticism and a very good opportunity for industry to seek the newest and freshest talent from Salford University. It was also great to see old friends in industry, students of old and new, graduates and the lovely Tim Hanley who posed for us in a picture. A few rekorderligs later, we spoke to Simon Austerberry and are delighted to say that Simon will be joining us in the studio for 1 month in Easter. We look forward seeing what he can produce in a studio environment. Hopefully teach him a thing or 2, and who knows what the future holds....

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