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New Shape Website

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New Shape Website

We are proud to present to you our brand spanking new website. Over the past few months we have been working hard on developing Shape, taking the company to another level with a new business model, plan and image. We have many competitors in this industry, so our main goal of the new site was to set us apart from everybody else - by showcasing not only our expertise but to display our love for design, and the personalities in the studio. We are generally known for the work we do online, specifically websites - but we wanted to make it clear on our new site that we also offer graphic design and photography services.

The new site hosts lots of new features including the project planner - so that clients can easily receive an accurate quote within 24 hours for new projects.

Popular areas of our old site have also been re-vamped, for example; Our new method page has been built using parallax javascript and the backstage area has been updated so that users can view daily actiivity within the studio.

The new site has been built in HTML5 and CSS3 using Media Queries to make it responsive for mobiles such as iPhone and Android.

From research and feedback, our new site now gives the end user a connection to our designers through the bespoke character illustrations, web statistics, results and updated testimonials. We hope you enjoy our new website, the work we produce and if so - get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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