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New Projects July 2012

Caution! This article is 12 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

We can't believe it's July already, time always passes by quickly when you are enjoying yourself. With the new projects we've been working on in the past few months, we've certainly enjoyed working with our new clients and inspiring projects.

Without naming names yet, as the majority of our latest work has now yet been launched, we've been working on numerous sectors, industries and briefs. Our presence within London is quickly expanding as more and more projects seem to be coming our way out of the blue. A women's fashion label in London and Australia will be launching next month in which we have helped develop onto the next level of online experience. A boutique chic agency in London, a very well known magazine site and a creative agency site.

Back up north, we're currently developing a new school website, a pro golfers website and a celebrity chef's online experience. Further afield we are designing and developing a coffee brand product's online identity. Launching the coffee product in the UK, after the success of it's sales in Europe. With the same client, we're also working on a website for an American product that is to be launched in the UK this year. Already in Argos and major superstores, this product needs it's own brand developing online for direct sales.

We can't wait to show you visually our new projects, keep your eyes peeled for latest work updates.

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