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My Top 5 Free Icon Websites

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As a Designer I use iconography quite a lot within my creative work, some projects more than others.. I have a few go-to websites I love to use and can pretty much find exactly what I’m looking for from no more than 5 websites, Here are my top 5 free icon websites I use on a daily basis

It may sound a little silly but the better, more useful icon websites are the ones which have been designed better, with some pretty good ui and ux throughout their designs.

1. The Noun Project



Above all, my favourite.. I absolutely love their recent update to their website design.. it makes my life easier when searching for a specific icon. They have a load of cool features and add ons which not only makes my life as a designer easier but also helps the coders integrate them into their builds.

The search function is simple and helpful, The way everything is displayed is very easy and simple to use, and above all else.. they have a lot of top designers who contribute to the site which makes the quality on The Noun project high.

2. flaticon



Another go to icon website is Flat Icon, Although their design isn’t quite on the level of The Noun project, it is still a standout above all of the other competition.. The quality is still pretty good alongside Noun Project and I find it helpful as the style of icons on here differ to any other of their competitors.

Again, I love the search function, its usually the first thing I do when coming onto here as I usually know exactly what I’m looking for. It may sound a bit funny but I actually find the ads useful on here also, they have links to other websites like freepik and shutterstock.

3. Dribbble



Dribbble is my top website for inspiration, be it website designs, branding or anything specific like Icons.. I absolutely love Dribbble! I have done several blog posts about my love for it and use it almost twice a day, every day.. I regularly post my work and some behind the scenes and love to just have a scroll though every so often.. A simple search for Iconography brings up lots of top quality work from around the world.. although they can’t be used as free icons it helps to get an idea for what i need to dine or the style I should take when searching for free icons.. A tool which I could not live without!

4. Behance



Similar to Dribbble, Behance.net is an online portfolio website with lots of inspiration.. I use this alongside Dribbble for inspiration but the best thing about Behance is there are a lot of free resources just waiting to be used! I can easily find free icon sets to use within my designs.. some are even so specific that I can easily use a single set for a whole project which saves time and also keeps the icons consistent giving my designs that professional look and feel.

5. Iconmonstr



Iconmonstr has a similar feel to my top pick, is very easy to use.. simple and I love it!

The search works a treat, the black and white style helps me concentrate on what matters, the icon. I love to use this one specifically for social icons as it has a huge selection of social logos and elements.

And because I couldn’t keep my list to 5, here is another really useful website making it number 6 on my top 5 free icon websites

6. Icons8



Although I don’t use it often.. I do like to try and vary my searches a little to give my work some diversity.. Icon8 is still one of my favourite resources to use.. I find the size of the icons a little small but sometimes I like to quickly look through here when deadlines are tight, this makes for easier viewing which makes it great.

The search gives me lots of keywords and makes it pretty easy to find what I’m looking for. The design is okay, but could change a few things to make it better.

Although I have named my top 5.. there are also a whole bunch of other useful smaller free icon resource websites out there…






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