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Updated on 03 Aug 2021 · less than 1 minute read

Melissa Yates - Studio Placement

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"My time at shape was lovely I have always admired the work they do, and I was very chuffed to find out that I had been offered a month placement with the boys! The commute to get to the studio was pretty simple as it was around the corner! I learnt so much with Shape about web design and the studio lifestyle, and I have come away with a great experience, some lovely memories and a mind full of web! Andy especially helped me in showing me how to create extremely slick and cool sites, something which I have loved about the sites they create. There was such much more than sitting at a computer all day, there was pistachios, extra strong cordial, Will smith, many GIFS and lots of laughs. I had a great time with Shape and in the words of Jamie I would definitely love to come back!"


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Andy Golpys
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